Genshin Impact VS Tower of Fantasy #2 – Comparison Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Genshin Impact VS Tower of Fantasy #2 – Comparison Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Tower of Fantasy game is in beta 2 with gameplay very similar to Genshin Impact. Let’s watch the video to see which game is better, thank you.

Genshin Impact

►► Total Size: 11GB

► Online/Offline: Online

► Android:

► IOS:

Tower of Fantasy

►► Total Size: 3.24GB

► Online/Offline: Online

► Android:
► APK:

► IOS (TestFlight):
► Niten Channel:

► Malware Channel:


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33 Replies to “Genshin Impact VS Tower of Fantasy #2 – Comparison Gameplay (Android/IOS)”

  1. Elvan61 Dmrcn

    I think both games are a masterpiece that is carefully made from each other. Both are carefully and successfully made games. If we come to Genshin impacta. Everything is perfect, from the graphic to the already wonderful story flow. The game is great. As for the Tower of Fantasy game. It's a great game under construction, I haven't played it yet, but I'm sure everything from the story to the graphics and game flow is great and carefully done. Simply perfect. On the subject, Genshin impact and Tower of Fantasy are almost similar games, but for this reason, it is quite absurd to criticize them in a bad and hopeless way. Of course, your opinion is that both of them are a very good game and a great success. 🙂

  2. evilwhisper r

    I wish people would stop comparing games to other games god you all said genshin was a breath of the wild rip of and then loved it one of the best selling games of all time and now ur doing the same shit with tower of fantasy just stop it's pathetic

  3. Poffy Daisy

    They couldn't be less original oh my god, people were attacking genshin because we can collect berries and such in the game, this game is literally genshin impact but nobody seems to care

  4. Isidro Batista

    Ppl in comments arguing about what game is better, I'm like I can play both I don't care 😂 they have different story maybe they have similarities but every game has it, When ppl were arguing about TLOZ and Genshin compearing games. Fck that sht 🙄

  5. iisunnxy

    For me genshin is the best tof's everyting is same with genshin yea i know genshin ia a copy too but tof looks like more copy (FOR ME) and i think genshin's graphics are better

  6. xLightningHawk

    i prefer ToF because its an mmorpg and because it has a character customization. the graphics for now i kinda like it better in genshin cuz it runs smoother, but who knows, they might upgrade it more until release

  7. Miro Kolas

    it's already half complete for me Genshin is medieval and tower of fantasy is modern they fly with rockets so it's different even their buildings are modern meanwhile no technology on Genshin except fatui

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