Germany pushing back against US Huawei policy

RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss European countries’ increasing boldness in pushing back against the US campaign to undermine Chinese telecomm giant Huawei as China continues to refute Washington’s “groundless, politically motivated” accusations designed to “sabotage” Huawei’s business.

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25 Replies to “Germany pushing back against US Huawei policy”

  1. pubokiazm

    usa is acting like a kiddie spoilt brat on international world stage, threatening everyone with their lies after lies. is this the world you want to live in? that's enough usa, let the good adults do their work for the betterment of everyone in this world (not only for usa's elites and master israhell, mind you). it's about time.

  2. Gei Xiong

    I an American but I love watching the Washington's Political Dogs bark. Boo Hoo..the Chinese is beating us because, we thought selling guns, Dropping bombs and Regime Change are the best ways. Now, we don't know what to do…???

  3. Kwet Hew

    AMERICA try everything to bring Huawei down. Because they can't catch up his technology. So they hang up with allies to bring Huawei down. That's the fact.

  4. Awesome Keys

    I have never noticed this Huawei brand before this US SHOW, now I have bought a Huawei Phone and it’s awesome. There is no proof that China spy on other country while we all know the fact US does spy. How ironic accusation from US!

  5. Elvis Mengisto

    We should all do the same against the US with holding extraterrestrial secrets and allow all the other European nations to disclose Alien presence on earth against the criminals in US

  6. Ng Soon Lee

    Arrogant hypocrite deceitful white Americunt pigs, break your own backbones and suck your own dicks now. Who the hell you spastic albino white Americunts think you are? You tell me.

  7. Marvin Martinez

    There is a huge shift in power if this were to happen. Especially in the communications area. Very interesting how things will turn out in the end. We can only watch

  8. Dorji Lew

    Fake Pro China RT channel again on Huwae. Say what you wish but US is super power and the only one to stay on. Merkel is proving to be a hyprocrite

  9. miss you

    i don't know what was you talk all about and i only know i love huawei camera so beautiful clean clear picture especially video so clear voices recording some more it coming 5G

  10. king chen

    USA: Don't buy Huawei, China will monitor you.
    DE: How do you know that I want to buy Huawei?
    USA: I listened from your phone.

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