Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing!

Yes, this phone cost $1449 before tax. Here’s everything that comes in the box.

Review coming soon…

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Phone provided by Apple for video.

50 Replies to “Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing!”

  1. Nicole Mantip

    Are you telling me that the wireless earpods are not included inside the iphone xs/ xs max box ???? XD cheap motherfuckers trying to rip us off… i don't buy it then.

  2. d w

    Loving how everyone is triggered at apple because they can't afford it?. Guys, make bread and don't complain you have to buy things if you were worried about that, get a cheaper phone

  3. Kate VRob

    Ive been using android since I was a lil kid all of them are samsung lel but maybe this time I would change my phone into Apple at first I want an 8plus but I kinda change my mind tho so maybe XSMAX I think

  4. Charles L

    Who else is watching this on there iPhone X. I got the Xs max 256 gb I come from a galaxy 6 and 2 s8+ and let me tell you. I don’t know why I didn’t go apple a long time ago. I will never ever go back to Samsung.

  5. Olivia Anderson

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  6. Mohanad Kuhail

    Can you guys please shut up and stop hating apple in the comments? Be freaking grateful they’re making you phones- yeah it’s expensive but focus on the actual phone and it’s quality’s, not just the price

  7. Mikaela Chellina

    hi is there any chance i can buy just the box from you?? i want to sell my iphone xs max but i can't find the original packaging, i think i lost it when i moved to my new apartment

  8. caleigh hunter

    2018:no home button
    2019:no headphone jack
    2020: just screen
    2021: no box
    2022: fast charger! Charges in 10 minutes 100 wats!!!
    2023:can’t charge, is always charge

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