Goodbye iPhone Xs Max – Switching to Galaxy Note 9 (Final Decision)

I have finally made the decision between the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs the iPhone Xs Max.

After trying the iPhone Xs Max for 1 month as a previous Note 9 owner I learned why I am choosing the Note 9 over the iPhone.

Let’s get some details.

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37 Replies to “Goodbye iPhone Xs Max – Switching to Galaxy Note 9 (Final Decision)”

  1. Domster Tee

    As a person who has switched both ways several times, I respect anyone decision to do so, based on their needs at a certain point in their life. But having said that, I don’t necessarily agree with your pointers here. First of all, no one buys all of these gadgets at one time,usually you buy them over time and not just to fit the Apple ecosystem, but because a certain OS fits better with your life, preference or work. Also, when you have two of these devices at least, for example an iPad and an iPhone, sure you don’t bring the iPad most times, but the photo sharing and airdrop certainly helps more than a little bit. Anyways, I also loved the note 8, but for me the galaxy watch didn’t cut it and I was forced to switch to an iPhone just to be able to use the Apple Watch for better gym apps and a running app that I can customize my HIIT runs with pace reminders. So that’s my issue and others have issue with the iPhone apps as well, so… long story short, to each his own.

  2. Walking Mannequinn

    I’ve had iPhone since 2008 and every year I watch reviews of Samsung products and I appreciate the differences every year. I recognize that Samsung is superior but iPhone is sooooo simple to use and that’s what does it for me. The design gets me every time and the ecosystem of course. iPhone is very popular and will remain so for years to come. I’m 25 and I believe anyone from a 5 year old to a 30 year old these days most likely has an iPhone. It’s so many different versions to choose from and they all are great ! (Typing from a Gold iPhone XS MAX) .

    Both companies are great but it comes down to preference and truthfully you can’t go wrong with either or.


  3. Benedict Jay Batocael

    I was an iPhone user almost my life then I gave samsung s8 plus a try. Now, I am not even thinking of switching back to apple. I never had this total satisfaction from iPhone. Apple needs to come out of the basket

  4. MrKungfujoker

    I was the guy who was in line when the first iphone came out, i was an iphone user ever since they existed and i have to admit they really were innovative. But iphone 5s was the last innovation. I updated to 6s and just stopped, i used it till now never really felt the need to get iphone x or any other. But recently my iphone fell in water and that meant i had to get a new phone. After 2-3 weaks of research i converted to note 9 user. I feel like this is a real phone worth getting

  5. Johnnie Lambert

    I agree. I have been using the Note 8 since it came out, which I dumped the IPHone 7 plus for. I had a note 5 and loved it, but didn’t get the 7 for the battery issues. I am now waiting for the Note 10 to upgrade. I think that the iPhone was not worth the money. I’ll stick with Samsung, my not 8 still blows away everything else.

  6. Daniela A

    Thank you so much I did the right thing when I gave up my iPhone Xs Max for my one of its kind Note 9 it just doesn't compare, I simply couldn't get used to the Xs so boring

  7. Noob

    Samsung phones are great. Only regret would be their resale value tumbles in 6 months to half price or less after market. Hopefully Samsung can continue to offer trade in for $750 for your older models.

  8. Usman

    First video : I’m switching to iphone xs max , good bye galaxy note 9
    Second video : I’m switching to galaxy note 9 , good bye iphone xs max.
    Anxiously waiting for you third attempt to fool us .
    Thank you .

  9. Scott R

    Above everything else, the one thing i can't stand about iphone is no app drawer. Not a big deal if you you 10-20 apps. You start getting above that though, and you gotta scroll through so many screens to find what you want. Just not well thought out.

  10. J Reid

    Both phones has their pros and cons! It’s up to your personal preference. I love my iPhone X but I always felt Samsung made better phones but I can’t deal with android operating system. Android operating systems is trash. They both great phones tho!

  11. Igor Andrey Strejevitch

    there is nothing to justify the overpriced overrated iPhone… i think thr last great iphone was the 6… if i am not mistaken it was right about the time the galaxy s6 came out and then from.that point in time android has been passing ios in funcionality stability and performance imho

  12. sneen

    Yes, I'am with you. For the first time, i will do not buy a new iPhone. I prefer the Note 9, too. Yes, the iPhone X (s) are beautiful but nonfunctional and i become more phone by Note 9 for my bucks!

  13. A L

    Again, love your vids sakitech! I owned iPhones for a decade AND HAVE THE NOTE 9! The new iPhones are HIDEOUS with that naughty notch! Note 9 has an amazing screeen, amazing battery life and amazing fast charging. I don't regret switching from Apple to Samsung!

  14. Remil Riel

    this is subjective.
    of course with the high ram for a lite application. it run faster.
    but with bigger resolution application this is when you see the difference in power.

    u don't know iPhone Full potential. it looks that u didn't actually using one for a living.
    personalized icon : so gay. it wont make your performance or usability better.

    legit android/ios user here.

    IOS: Performance.
    Android: Everything is Free.

  15. TuanD

    Got both and the only thing holding me back from using the note 9 primarily is the camera and slightly the ecosystem (sharing photos and family iCloud). The build quality and screen is superb. The S10 I feel will be really compelling.

  16. Donald J. Trump

    And furthermore, you really can’t judge a phone only by his spec or feature, in fact you are forgetting the most important thing: the OS, Android and his eco system are pure shit, bad quality apps, no privacy at all due to Google privacy policy and quick loss of value in time. I have had 5 Android phone before iPhone, and they are still in the drawer. Then I was able to sell my first iPhone in no time and for a very good price. So the are many reason to not buy an Android phone.

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