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As of today, the official iOS app for Google+ has been submitted, but it’s not quite out yet. Today, we take a look at both the Android Google+ app, as well as the html 5 iOS site. Check out how they stack up!

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21 Replies to “Google+ Android app vs iOS HTML5 site – AppJudgment”

  1. Pinas-4-ever

    iOS is a FAIL.. too many restrictions = can't access files without iTunes, can't get songs once in the iPhone already, bluetooth is iPhone to iPhone only, can't copy phone contacts to SIM without Jailbreaking, can't block calls and SMS effectively, no Flash Player.

  2. speedy123321

    invites… such a lame way to make people want your service, i dont know you guys but i would feel stupid asking for an invite to a social network that does the same or less than the others around (altough i use none)

  3. thaicares

    I think G+ wont let me in yet because they said that I'm too young!!! O WELL I checked out the google help section and the response by a google worker said that they just aren't letting you into the closed beta unless your 18 because they really want positive response from us/being such a big demographic 🙂

  4. Simon5005

    I think most people are perfectly happy with Facebook and won't want to get into yet another social network. I just don't see my family & friends switching over. Too much bother.

  5. Chris Bailey

    @JCCTAPIA well right now I'd say it's just to tech enthusiast. If you follow tech news and what not you'll find quite a bit of people. Right now following popular people is the norm, instead of close friends.

  6. einc70

    @GoOgleBG32 no it s pretty bare.. you don't have these adds clusttering the page… Flash games no.. not sure if there is an intent maybe….

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