Google Android One Comparison: Micromax Canvas A1 VS Spice Dream UNO VS Karbonn Sparkle V Comparison

Google Android One Comparison: Micromax Canvas A1 VS Spice Dream UNO VS Karbonn Sparkle V Comparison

All Android One Phones Compared- Micromax Canvas A1 Android Phone Compared With Karbonn Sparkle V Android One Compared With Spice Dream Uno Android One Phone

Android One Phones Compared- Micromax Android One VS Karbonn Android One VS Spice Android One

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In this video we have compared all three Android One phones from three manufacturers- Micromax, Karbonn and Spice. We have compared design, build quality, display, benhcmarks, features, software, hardware, battery life, call quality, gaming performance, benchmarks, camera quality and all you need to know about the three google android one phones- Micromax Canvas A1 VS Spice Dream Uno VS Karbonn Sparkle V

All three phones have same specs which are:
4.5 Inch FWVGA display
4GB Internal Memory
Dual SIM support
5 MP rear camera
2 MP from camera
1700 mAh battery
Android Kitkat 4.4.4
Expandable memory card support

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27 Replies to “Google Android One Comparison: Micromax Canvas A1 VS Spice Dream UNO VS Karbonn Sparkle V Comparison”

  1. George Yuvaraj

    In my opinion Spice is best as design is better than other two with rubber finish,good audio quality,10gb of spice cloud,piece replacement warranty for 1 year, low SAR and cheaper than other two

  2. Nachi

    I am a user of google stock android phone Android One (Micromax Canvas A1) and according to that I want to ask when google will roll on Android Lollipop update on android one as it is mentioned in android one official site that android one will receive guaranteed update for 2 years.

    According to a recent report, Google will unleash the Lollipop update by second or third week of December and soon all three manufacturers might release the update for their users. Spice Mobility CEO, Prashant Bindal has expressed that the company's Android One smartphone Dream Uno might get the latest candy flavoured update by January next year.

    Though the other two manufacturers, Karbonn and Micromax have still kept mum about the update, it is expected that all the three devices will get the update at the same time.
    But it's February Now!

    Please, Reply me giving information about releasing date of android lollipop update on android one.

    Nachiketa Ratnam

  3. Nishangi Kashinath

    Mr. Rohith I have been using spice dream uno last one month n I found one most irritating problem in it is.. U don't have the sim management option, I.e u have to always keep both the sims in ON position only, u will not be able to keep one in ON and the other one in OFF position, which drains the battery very faster.
    Please do suggest what is to be done to selectively select only one sim at a time in this phone.
    As I use only one sim at a time most of the time.
    Please do give your expert advice to overcome this issue.

  4. weinerschnitzelboy

    They are all exactly the same device internally with the only variations between them being possibly variations in manufacturing. Google created a reference platform which OEMs use for their device. This allows Google full control of the software which promises update for a minimum of two years direct from Google for all Android One phones. It's impossible for them to do that if they didn't control all the hardware.

    Oddly though, the Spice has the better display out of all of them. It's brighter and therefore better in sunlight and has a much more vibrant display.

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