Google Earth – iPhone 4 Vs Android

Google Earth on Samsung Galaxy S , iphone 4 , nexus one ….

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  1. Peter Asaad

    to let all of you know that isn't the iphone 4 . You can tell by it's touch screen. the Iphone 4 has a very good touch screen ,but this phone is the one China made it that looks exactly like the ipohne 4 in everything. sreen on google you could find that kind of phone around $50

  2. Weese

    The androids seem to be going faster, but the iPhone has full map images the whole time while the droids gray out the detail. Overall I think they are all good phones…

  3. Joao sardo

    why is there so many issues with the brightness… personally i dont like samsung phones, they make great tv's but thats where they do best… iphones suck because if they freeze ur screwed waiting for them to drain the battery so that they can turn off, whereas if u could take the battery out then it would be alot faster at unfreezing them… now nexus one seems rto have alot of positive reviews that might be my next phone… thank you for this review.. dont listen to all these losers….

  4. WSS Roach

    @AndroidHD hm….i think you forgot the auto brightness enabled 😛 it doesn't matter that you set the brightness to high if the auto brightness is enabled 😛 ehhh….

  5. Cl0ud7

    this boy have the iphone wiht a lot of apps in background.because i hava an iphone 3gs and its more faster than iphone 4,also iphone 4 moves with small stops.sorry for my english but i don´t speak english

  6. T Espinal

    @ansonlws Looks like this was written 3months ago but just glad to say that this can definitely be done with Android now in maps and earth ! Android FTW !

  7. Anson Loo

    @fan7710071 what's wrong with you? do you think if i know there is due to setting problem will i post such question? i posted the comment is because i dont know the the video uploader didnt enable it in the map setting, i thought the uploader hv done all the neccessery step before recording this video. You cannot judge ppl stupid based on thier limited knowledge, i honestly hoping you can correct your attitude, this is for your own good, in real life.

  8. Tommy Chesy

    I really love these iPhone bash videos from these guys, speaking for all iPhone users, we could all care less if other phones are faster. Just get over that we prefer iPhone, we have nothing against android but for some reason you guys ALWAYS have to find the newest way to bash the iPhone.

  9. srla2020

    Android is the G o o g l e OS so Google Earth is way better in the android phones, by the way, google earth is in the apple store for the iPad? and it's a free app or I have to buy it?

  10. lceus

    I've noticed that the entire android OS is choppy/laggy and i haven't seen an android phone with a decent touchscreen. This can be related to the OS though.

  11. JaysRealReviews

    @MrLacp i didn't comment as to which one was better. i just said i looked that the nexus won and was asking a question about another comment.

    and why are you reading 3 month old comments anyway? get a life dude seriously.

  12. Greeniemaxx

    Stop running whatever you're running on iPhone 4 in the background or get your iPhone 4 replaced because mine is like 5-6 times more smoother than yours.

  13. diary

    Dude seriously I see these videos and I just can't get myself to understand how people think iphone is better. I mean in like every comparison I see android pwns..

  14. David Oster

    On Google Earth iPhone, you can tilt the view without physically tilting the phone by doing a two-finger swipe from the top of the screen to the middle. Think of it as grabbing the horizon and pulling it down.

    Note also: that Earth iPhone can access your My Maps account (on ) while Earth Android can't.

    Earth Android has speech to text on the keyboard, but iPhone doesn't.

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