Google Glass: MyGlass For iOS Review Versus Android

Google Glass 2.0: MyGlass For iOS Vs. MyGlass For Android

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28 Replies to “Google Glass: MyGlass For iOS Review Versus Android”

  1. keeler1160

    I was excited to see an invitation from google for glass. But $1500 for basic features that a phone can do steers me away from it. I still dont't have enough information to decide whether it is worth the 1500 or not.

  2. dom

    Ok you know that jailbreak vid like it does not work for me is there another sulotion plz answer back

    Sorry if I spelled stuff wrong lol

  3. aeonjoey

    Is this a joke? so they neuter the ios version, even tho thousand of devices can function with iOS data and wifi direclty without needing the hotspot account, and with full data sharing e.g. pebble. this is retarded, no iOS user should buy glass if they are going to punish them like that. whatever. 

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