Google Pixel 2: 1 Year Later

A quick revisit of the Pixel 2 before the Pixel 3 comes out.


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Classic Rose 2 – Vibe Mountain

26 Replies to “Google Pixel 2: 1 Year Later”

  1. Rock Lee

    Was thinking of getting a pixel certified refurb or a bran new one for ny next driver. not really into speding 1000 bucks for a phone. does the regular pixel 2 feel small?

  2. john g

    Sounds good, how much are they now? I've been looking to update, I really need an update to my old LG g4. Apple too expensive for me! The new Google Pixel 3 I seen is $950, too much for me. I may look at the LG G6. Not the newest,"maybe not too expensive either. I like the G4 phone camera, takes better pics than my daughters apple.

  3. kvnrthr 1

    Overall very happy with the long term performance. Other devices would start seeing major slowdown but the Pixel 2 IMO retains solid speed.

    Still extremely annoyed at not having a headphone jack though. I've found workarounds (bluetooth adapters) but when I forget to charge them I'm stuck with no music.

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