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Google Pixel 2 first impressions! If we’re being honest, we were really nervous about this phone. The smaller Pixel 2 looked like a potential problem. Big bezels around a 16:9 display. No headphone jack. On paper it looked like a compromised device opposite the Pixel 2 XL. Now that the phone is in our office, we’re happy to report, it gives off a much better impression when it’s in your hand.
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Google Pixel 2: A Fantastic First Impression | Pocketnow


46 Replies to “Google Pixel 2: A Fantastic First Impression | Pocketnow”

  1. Juan Fernández

    Actual coverage suggestions:

    * Differences in speaker quality between the two and other phones
    * Battery life after heavy use
    * Things we could complain about that can and can't be solved by downloading a third-party app
    * Things that are getting updates soon
    * Lag (or lack thereof)
    * Display quality and issues, comparisons
    * Things that you'd miss from another phone if this was your daily driver
    * Things that you'd miss from the Pixel 2 if another phone was your daily driver

  2. Guido Perdomo

    that little detail about the dongle working in other phones with usb-c, that is really important! and it's one of those things that Google doesn't know how to express well in their presentations. but it's got great capabilities, i'm thinking maybe a hi-fi dongle? I dunno, or maybe proprietary cables for high quality headphones, since there are headphones that you can remove the whole cable, where they can probably place a dac that works better with their headphones. sounds promising.

  3. Javier Núñez

    Its not made of metal. At least no covered with it. That’s why doesn´t feel like metal and why it´s a shame doesn´t include Qi charging. Watch JerryRigEverything durability test as it fares bad and he uncovers several design flaws.

  4. Jack Meov

    USB audio is insane the quality of it all these ppl complaining about the audio jack have no clue lol it's insane all they need is 2 USB type c slots one for charging one for headphones and it's all good ? great job Google don't regret buying this phone

  5. XtraDreamLantern17

    Ughhhh, meh. Camera on this thing might be good, but the thing is the bezels are way too large for not having the front-mounted fingerprint scanner. I'll wait for Mate 10 to be released.

  6. Josiah

    Got mine the 19th! 5-6 hours of screen on time compared to 2-2.5 hours on Nexus 6P is much appreciated! And buttery smooth everything is friggin amazing!!!

  7. Jordom

    Solid review, not super fanboy of Google and not negative either, good mix. I wish more reviewers were like this. You stuck with facts and information, appreciated it

  8. Tigerex966

    Great preview Juan.
    Cannot wait for the upcoming reviews.
    Google lower the price for the dongle after complaints they wanted to profit heavily off of dongle sales, from $20 down to $9 like Apple, who makes billions off of dongles alone every year.
    It is their most profitable and fasting growing segment, next to wireless headphone sells.
    Now guess why Apple removed the headphone jack.
    It's not courage, it's much more greener $$:)

    Look at what's up in..
    Uncompressed wireless sound wireless sound.

    Using faster stronger more reliable wifi instead of bluetooth:

    Hopefully a wifi uncompressed standard is not too far off
    And Apple is close to settling with Qualcomm, which could mean next years Apple IOS devices could have the latest bluetooth codecs like aptxHD for the first time ever and move up to the same quality of wireless audio as Android has had or years.

    However Apple does not like paying licensing fees to others, and complains of being charged too much, so it may come up with it's own bluetooth HD audio format to go along with it's W1 special chip that makes bluetooth reception more stable and stronger and pairing pretty much automatic.
    And than charge others..i.e., it's own developers, and accessory makers too much 🙂

  9. Scott L

    Pocketnow daily should be protesting this phone as it has a lot of missing features and is therefore overpriced and is the biggest violation of all that Android stands for. This phone is an abomination

  10. Matthew Ng

    Ok, let's define AOSP or stock Android. For starters, why do we like AOSP? Why is it the preferred stock ROM? That's what we have to look into, into the reasons that make AOSP the best. It's clean, simple, fast and fluid, well designed UI and generally just a overall terrific UX. Now, those are the main reasons why we like AOSP. Sooo, if all those components that make up our preferred firmware are found in another ROM (i.e. OxygenOS), then said ROM will portray a similar enjoyable experience.

    The question asked in the video is (in my own words) "is the Pixels' stock firmware considered as AOSP?". Short answer : Nope, it has its own modifications, the slightly redisigned UI, the new launcher, etc. But that doesn't make it BAD. All the characteristics found in AOSP (that make it our favorite) are also found in the Pixels' ROM, and then some. People seem to confuse AOSP with great UX ; you are able to find a splendid user experience on many other firmwares… A great UX isn't AOSP, but AOSP is a great UX.

  11. Gabriel Klein

    No headphone jack, no headphones in the box, no wireless charging, no sd card slot, shitty display, $1000 price tag, plastic feel and dubious build quality

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