Google Pixel 2 – A Long Term User Review

Google’s Pixel 2 has been out for more than a month now and ever since then, Eber has been using it as his daily driver. So how does this smartphone put up with day to day life over the course of 30 days?

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26 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 – A Long Term User Review”

  1. Brent Rollins

    Here's a long time review!  I've had my Pixel 2 for a year and 2 months and the camera is done.  I spent 2 hours on the phone last night with Verizon and google and after doing everything we can, including erasing the entire phone and rebooting it, the camera is still junk!  Of course Verizon isn't going to do anything and google told me to send it in and if the lite scratches are too bad they will just send it back to me and then I have a broken phone.  But, if my 14 month old phone is in perfect condition they will replace it.  Anyone want to take any bets on what they think?  Actually I'm going to get a cheap phone with Cricket or someone for the time being, and If Verizon or google screw me, they can keep their number and their overpriced junk.

  2. John Latter

    Would the Pixel 2 XL and a Smooth 4 gimbal work OK with the cable adapter needed for an external microphone, or would it be too difficult to balance?

  3. Alan

    Got one second hand today in good condition for £350. Impressive smooth ui with zero lag. Stella camera, good speakers and nice screen. A good size too in the hand. Not too big.. I have some concerns about the battery but it is day one and I've been at it some. Yeah, best Android I've used and I've used a few.
    Thanks for the review ?

  4. 13Dragon

    In the market for a new phone. Struggling between the OnePlus 6T and this phone (as they are going for a similar price at EE, which is the company I'd like to stay with). They're very similar, the only thing that bothers me about both of them is that there isn't a headphone jack, which just seems really dumb since a lot of people still don't use Bluetooth headphones/earphones. I myself use Bose headphones when I'm at home, and I haven't found any that don't use a typical headphone jack.

    Despite that, I'm definitely gonna go for one of these two phones. At the moment, the OnePlus is winning out slightly, as its battery has better reviews than I've seen for the Pixel 2. Also, for just £5/month more, I can get double the capacity from the OnePlus. Coming from a guy who's only ever had 16GB phones, I'm really looking forward to having loads of space to play around with.

    Long story short, does anyone here have any good reasons to pick one of these phones over the other? Should I go with my gut and go for the Pixel 2 (which I've wanted for a while), or should I go with the seemingly more logical choice of the OnePlus 6T? Any advice would be much appreciated!

  5. Rahul Dixit

    IMO google has yet to catch up with its peers in terms of design and display but in terms of software and camera features, there is literally no competition for google. They are the only company focusing on a smartphone to be an actual smartphone, unlike Apple who is just focusing on looting money on the name of their brand name and giving us dual sim and oled panels upgrade at a very hefty price.

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