Google Pixel 2 event in 19 minutes

The Google Pixel event has wrapped and we got a good look at a bunch of new hardware lineup this year: the second generation of Pixel smartphones, new Google Homes, a Pixelbook, and a surprise new Google camera that uses artificial intelligence to snap pictures and videos of your family. Is it as weird as it sounds? If you missed the keynote where Google presented everything, here’s a recap of everything Google announced in about two hours cut into a 19-minute video so you can see for yourself if these new products will make it to your shopping list this holiday season. Subscribe:

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26 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 event in 19 minutes”

  1. Amol Ghanwat

    Google is different! Why the hell you are copying Apple Keynote strategy … !!! I have started loosing trust even in Google now. Open source has a scope now.

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