Google Pixel 2 review

The Google phones are back. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have OLED screens, amazing cameras, loud speakers, and the latest version of Android. Did Google hit another home run? Can they compete with the iPhone 8? Dieter Bohn reviews them both. Subscribe:

Here’s a link to buy the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL:

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35 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 review”

  1. Jiani Zhao

    this thing is worst product ever!!! I will never buy any google product! I had pixel 2 for over one year, and my device had the issue with speaker that I couldn't hear anything from the phone, google sent me a refurbished one, and the problem still existed. Making a phone call is an issue with a cell phone, what do you need it for then? It seemed they don't have any way to solve the problem, and they won't refund you at all. At lease Apple has good return policy. My sincere advice, stay away from GOOGLE!

  2. curiocritters

    Strange how the definition of 'huge' & 'edge to edge' has changed in less than a year; the pocket computer (for that's what 'smartphones' really are, mini supercomputers) market can be very mercurial.

    Those bezels would now come across as unsightly to some.

  3. Jonathan Rebholz

    Love your reviews, had to come back. One thing, we eat at the dining room table, not the kitchen counter, so that must be why I’m team iPhone. JK seriously love your videos

  4. Vibo2 Aomi

    thing is, if u stopped buying phones without headphone Jack, with notch, theyd actually make what u want in a smartphone. But no, you only think about yourself.

  5. B 2

    NUDE ANDROID….so refreshing, no bloat, no nothing burger layers and no doubling up on stuff. Going nude is good.

  6. zacchbl

    Fun fact: airpods work on Android devices too and you can play/pause. They're absolutely fire if you don't hate Apple audio… No need for the headphone jack

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