Google Pixel 2 – The Final Review

Google Pixel 2 – The Final Review
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Unfortunately, all great stories must come to an end. The Pixel 2’s time in the spotlight will be ending in just a few days, but let’s gather around and take a final look at one of the best flagships to come from Google. This is the Pixel 2’s Final Review.

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26 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 – The Final Review”

  1. Cryptfire

    got a pixel 2-xL other day. if you ask the phone a question about how to do vitually anything. the phone will just look at you funny. but siri on apple seems to be able to answer more queries.

  2. Erik Felch

    I've had a Pixel XL since release and it is still chugging along. The camera is fantastic and the instant updates bring me a great Android experience. I got my wife a Pixel 2 last September and she has been exceptionally pleased with it. I ordered a Pixel 2 XL today, willing to take a chance on the display. I hate to come off as a Google fanboy, but I have been loving the authentic Google experience since my first Nexus 4. I'm honestly a heart and soul customer and have not had a bad experience. Thanks for the review. I think a lot of customers will be coming away from the Valentines's day deals with a great product. With the trade-in I am getting a no-nonsense smokin' deal. I'm sure I'll be pleased. (I'm excited about the chin stereo speaker for my Youtube habit!)

  3. Skyvalley Higher Praise

    Picked up Pixel 2 XL recently and can't say enough about the phone. The experience of stock Android with battery lasting 2 days has blown me away.

    Regarding Pixel 3, I'm skipping since just picked up the 2 XL. Banking on this phone to last a couple of years then see where Google is at with Pixel line.

  4. Dat Nguyen

    Got it since release and working perfectly still. I've been protecting it with a case and screen protector. It still looks new. Yes I'm anal but I also expect the phone to last me at least 3 years. It's the first phone I've not gotten frustrated with after 1 year.

  5. Jack B

    My pixel 2xl has been a great experience day to day. But little bugs like the screen, speaker distortion, and usb c jack not working has meant I had to get mine replaced (for free)

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