Google Pixel 2 XL: After the Buzz

With the latest Google smartphone right around the corner (and leaked like crazy), Josh takes one last look at his Pixel 2 XL and gives a few thoughts on what might be coming in the Pixel 3.


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48 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 XL: After the Buzz”

  1. Joshua Vergara

    What's going on, everybody? Let us know how your Pixel 2 devices are faring these days and let's share in the excitement over the new Pixel 3, coming really soon!

  2. abdulaziz alamoudi

    Very good phone and still using it beside of my xs max i always back to it my original screen cracked so I replaced it with an LCD screen and still doing well i hope google take care of middle east market specially UAE and KSA

  3. kmsharley75

    Love my Pixel 2xl after one year! Mint condition,thanks to some extra care and the Google fabric case. Will continue using until Pixel 4xl release.

  4. jarlJordan

    Stupidly responsive phone, best camera of all time, never had a single issue anyone else faced. The best piece of technology I have ever owned. Love it.

  5. Yuri polkavich

    Pixel 2XL is a pretty nice phone, the only major complaint that I have is that it won't support Android Auto. It launches then it shuts down or just keeps shutting down and relaunching. Very annoyed that 2 Android products can't work together.

  6. Sam Mesite

    Was looking at new phones to upgrade to but I don't want to sacrifice some of my screen for a notch. I'm gonna go to the Pixel 2 XL over the Pixel 3.

  7. Bradford Tiongko

    Starting to see these pop up refurbished on ebay and amazon for under $500. Think I'll pick one up as an upgrade for my Nexus 6. Hope it'll serve me as faithfully as my beloved Shamu.

  8. Grand_Masta_Chubs

    My Pixel 2XL has been good awful in terms of day to day proformance, lag is present in everything from scrolling through menus to multitasking (which are things that the phone used to have no problems with). The front screen is cracked and to replace it through Google it is $250 and local places won't do a glass only replacement, I'm not sure if it's actually impossible or if they don't want to make the effort, but either way I can try it on my own for cheaper or shell out 1/3 of what the phone is worth. This phone is also marketed as a great phone for people who want great photos from a smartphone but for someone who shoots in RAW I was sorely disappointed. In auto the camera experience was great but if I wanted the slight but of control I had to use a meh 3rd party app, none of which are as fluid as the stock camera app. On my S7 I had previously I could set the exposure to 10 seconds and on my Pixel 2 the "best smartphone for photography" I was stuck to a 3rd party, slow, and overall shitty experience whitch not only wasn't as good as any stock camera app but gave me less control than my S7 did and that phone came out in 2016. The best 3rd party camera app I've been able to find is the Moment Pro Camera one however the longest exposure you can have is 1/4 and with other apps the longest I've found is 4 seconds, I guess no pictures of our Galaxy for me. I did however download the new Google camera apk so I can shoot in auto RAW + jpeg which is great but still no manual control. In recent months the battery has gone to shit as well, when the Pie beta came out with the Adaptive battery feature my battery life was better than ever but now just listening, not watching, LISTENING to YouTube videos it's hard to get through the work day without it dieing. Other than that dumpster fire that has been my Pixel experience I love stock Android and I would never turn back to Samsung or another heavily skinned version of Android. My next phone will most likely be a One Plus device. I do not regret getting a Pixel 2 but I had an S7 for 2 + years and if the phone got slow usually a factory reset would be enough for a while but it's hard having what is supposed to he the best phone for Android for less than a single year. In conclusion I still love Google, their software, and their design but the way their phone has degraded, in at least my experience, is something that should never happen and something I would expect from the likes of Samsung.

    P.S.: I am aware that the slowness and battery life issue seem to be from maybe some rouge apps that are draining my battery but that isn't the issue I have a pretty normal app load out and id looking in the battery stats is any indication it's definitely Google's fault.

  9. Mark Castillo

    I just got a pixel 2 xl. I know the pixel 3 is coming out now, but I can not stand that big notch. I'm loving my pixel 2 xl. This is from an apple user too. Past apple user.

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