Google Pixel 2 XL in 2019: A Better Deal

This is still the Pixel that I would go for.

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Camera samples from the Google Pixel 2 / 2 XL:


Reddit thread about uneven screen tint:

Extended warranty:


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30 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 XL in 2019: A Better Deal”

  1. Mike A

    I had to buy a new phone after mine was stolen last week, and decided to get the Pixel 2 for the camera quality and large battery. The pictures are soooo much better than the S7 I had previously.

  2. kkw

    I've had my Pixel 2 XL since last year and it's great. Not even considering upgrading anytime soon, it's still as fast and smooth as the first day…OH, and the camera!!

  3. sett hardth

    I had multiple pixel 2 XLs. Far and away the worst piece of tech I have every used. Plagued with bugs and crashes one the first one I got so I sent it back and got 3 more replacements that all had the same or different problems with most apps, wifi and bluetooth only worked 25% of the time etc etc. While I had the phones the first and only thing I thought about it was, when can I convince someone to let me use their upgrade on our plan. Will never buy another Google phone and now will be hesitant to buy any google tech going forward.

  4. cntcht

    My OP 6 has had some black smearing every once in a while which I've noticed. It goes away and pops up every now and again, it's weird. It doesn't bother me though.

  5. Mike Trieu

    Watching this on my P2XL rn. Still a champ running Android Q Beta 1. The Night Sight photos I took while in Oahu recently were just stunning. I bought mine lightly used on Swappa by one of the contributors to Android Central a little over a year ago. Still has 83% battery capacity, according to AccuBattery, which is getting close to replacement age (80%), but not quite there yet. I've chosen to use a root script (blex) to keep my battery between 15-80% charge to extend its longevity. I don't relish the thought of having to apply heat to the delicate OLED display to get at the battery which is also glued down with no convenient pull tabs. Thanks, Google/LG ?

  6. James BOND

    I did hear a rumor about the Google pixel extra large that's not very well made the durability is very poor it's very bad for durability Joe has some even the display is not top quality they could have used better when you tinted it has that blue color

  7. James BOND

    I have a question for you there's a pixel 2 extra large for sale on eBay one has green spots on the display when the display is dimmed and the other one has two bad cameras are both in pretty good condition is it worth buying these devices they're $179 each please let me know have a good one there 64 gig Google pixel 2 extra large

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