GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL In LATE 2018! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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The Google Pixel 2 XL came out in 2017, so how does it hold up in 2018? Let’s Find Out!

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29 Replies to “GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL In LATE 2018! (Still Worth It?) (Review)”

  1. Z Z

    Cannot stand two different parts on the back, really ugly
    And the big bezel
    They really put lots of thoughts on making something so ugly

  2. John Carvell

    The one on eBay is used has a few scratches and scuffs on it that says in the article the one for $359 128 gig let me know if that's worth buying or not please let me know if it is I'll buy it maybe you need the item number if we can check it out just as it's used clean IMEI 100% fully functional

  3. John Carvell

    Amazon I can't go on I don't have an account I can't afford to pay $100 a year to belong to Amazon I just don't want to pay for that is the one in eBay worth it for $359 128 gig good condition is GSM unlocked be perfect for me is that one worth buying please let me know what is it $279 164 gig which one should I get dude is that worth the money or not let me know

  4. John Carvell

    Yes it's worth it as I stated if you get it for dirt cheap outright I need a bae the one in eBay's refurbished it's good enough for the price $279 for 64 gig are you paid $359 for a hundred twenty eight gig that's a good deal for the pixel 2 extra large that's on eBay

  5. John Carvell

    What do you expect they're cheap just by one used on eBay for 279 that's all the thing is worth 2017 $9 base model they have one also for sale 128 gig $359 Google pixel 2 extra large or better yet get a Samsung S9 plus it's better then the Google pixel to even the Google pixel 3 if you can't afford it I stay away from Apple Apple suck you're the worst they don't let you do what you want to do I can't see what Apple dude no offense you're the worst of the worst

  6. John Carvell

    EBay has a Google pixel 2 extra large 64 gig for $279 the only problem it is is it has a small little black mark in the display very faint another one with a black spot on top same price very faint black spot would you suggest buying a device like that

  7. John Carvell

    They all get somewhat burn in my S8 plus has a pink background that's just how it is it's not bad or anything like that you don't see icons it just turns pink nothing really do Mass 9 + is starting to turn a little bit of pink to have an essay that's turning pink that's just weird to deal with with the OLED disgrace it's never that unless you want to get the old style like the LG G5 if we don't get that that's the only thing it sucks with the OLED display screen burn there's nothing you can really do about it he could have been allies if they'll by not keeping your device on one thing all the time

  8. John Carvell

    I don't like the always-on display I disable it you get screen burn with that I don't want screen burn maybe you like screen burn but I don't that's totally up to you

  9. John Carvell

    How do you switch the stuff I want to know how to clue how to switch stock Android to other when have a clue how to even do it dude I'm no Tech person just know how to use the devices in their cool and awesome if they break I'm Sol I have to send them out buy a brand new one or whatever I want an eBay you should explain how to reboot these things whatever people that don't know how to do it

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