Google Pixel 2 XL "Real Review"

Google Pixel 2 XL “Real Review”
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28 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 XL "Real Review"”

  1. Adil Hasamović

    младияјаълинë бреноьста й на тюща тë
    цьебомша аюнйоктичглогри мëнјишяйаса
    лютй а кјëимопретъаюти? С́'тойјщат и прëтйаки а к'планја цгритйат озијеб шатитро

  2. nardilrec

    About the blue screen, I have a iPhone 8. Man, that fucking screen is always like"sepia-yellow" shit, because of "true colors"… and if you disable that thing, the screen looks soooo blue. So… fuck, I can handle with this pixel blue screen.

  3. Primus supreme

    i just watched this review over and they didnt give headphones with the pixel 2 but they gave headphones with the pixel 3.seems like google listened to you flossy

  4. jsullivan10

    U funny as hell and Wild boi, haha. Like your work. Informative & entertaining. I got the Pixel 2 XL (128gb) for 3 fiddy. That's what's up fam. Video wuz on point. Keep em coming. From a Steel Horse Ryda in the Lbc, West Coast. God bless and stay up brotha.

  5. Travis Etherton

    Is this phone still a go in 2019? ?Used prices sub-$400 for the 128gb model.

    edit: need a new phone. This one, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, LG V30+ and iPhone WTFE Plus is on my short list.

  6. Ultra CNC

    Phone's a brick man. Went from an S8 to this…and it sucks SOOOOO bad. This thing has a mind of its own. My weather randomly disappears (Google it (pun intended)) Why can I not move that stupid Google bar inconveniently at the BOTTOM? No LED light indicating a message? FAIL. "Upgrade to 9" almost made me crush it in my hand. Really? No more flicking off apps to do what I want to do which is…uh… IDK… CLOSING IT OUT? NOW I HAVE TO DO IT TWICE!? FAIL! Don't get me started on the horrible Android (across the board) UI as of late. FAIL!
    That's LITERALLY the reason I tried making a switch. FAIL.
    No headphone jack? WHY? Is there some sort of a reason WHY any phone manufacturer WOULDN'T want to give people the option to SIMPLY plug in a headphone jack? FAIL. Leave it up to Google to fuck it all up. If it weren't for the fact that it'd hurt my GFS feelings because she got it for me I'd straight up launch this POS into the ground at warp speed. I HATE it.
    Oh…and it's way too frickin big for what it DOESN'T have in clarity and overall display.
    Rant over.

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