Google Pixel 2 XL vs Galaxy Note8

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The Pixel 2 XL and Galaxy Note8 are two of the most expensive Android phones on sale today. But despite being the best phones on offer from their respective manufacturers, each takes quite a different approach to the ultra-premium phone formula. Which do you think comes out on top?

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22 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 XL vs Galaxy Note8”

  1. Darren Wood

    ive got both and ended up selling my pixel2 XL. It's just a bit too basic for me. I prefer the screen on note 8, wireless charging and listening to music with my headphones. they're both super quick and have no lag.

  2. B Riles

    I've been a Samsung guy since 2011. And now I own the S8+, Note8, and the Pixel 2XL. However because of the "we don't give two shits" attitude from Sammy regarding updating Android and almost one year later the S8+ is still on 7.0 and the Note is running 7.1.1 I'll never own another Samsung. It's Google and IOS from here on out.

  3. Alan LaRage

    This is a close call tbh. Its definitely comes down to personal preference. the specs are so close to being on par its not even noticeable. The note has the s pen and dual camera which i will say wins over the pixel. However such features like the iris scanner and 6gb ram doesnt matter since touchwiz would counter the ram. I've had both phones. IF you utilize the s pen and samsung pay then thats your preference. However i intregrate everything with google. so i chose the pixel for my preference. The note 8 would be perfect if the software was intregrated better.

  4. KDS1000

    No headphone jack kills the Pixel XL 2 for me. I had the iPhone 7 Plus and after a while the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack is annoying AF. I like much of the phone but 1 year removed from making fun of Apple for getting rid of the jack and then they become a lemming and follow suit. Ridiculous….


    Headphone jack, pen and does more in general. Google has slightly louder sound and a better camera but damn no pen no thankyou

  6. Shitij Malhotra

    Hi Android police. I want to buy a new good camera phone and really confused between pixel 2 xl and note 8 and iPhone 8 plus. Help me out. I don't want to buy note 8 offcourse but my fight is between iphone 8 plus and pixel 2 xl. Please help.

  7. Stefan Budai

    My previous phone was one plus 5 and it felt so much faster than note 8 but I'm getting use to note 8 I'm in love with this massive most amazing screen!

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