Google Pixel 3 vs Apple iPhone XS

iPhone vs Android – it may not be the oldest rivalry in the tech world, but it is surely one of the most fierce, with millions of loyal advocates rooting for each side. But with competition comes innovation, and with innovation come amazing products — products like the Google Pixel 3 and the iPhone XS.

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21 Replies to “Google Pixel 3 vs Apple iPhone XS”

  1. Chris Bartlett

    I get that we all have our preferences, but this guy just flat out didn't really use the pixel 3 or this whole video was intentionally done to get comments. If so, well played, you got me.

  2. Johan Diaz

    1:30 seconds in and I can tell you without a doubt this is biased as hell. Favoring apple because he makes some kind of profit off it. It's simple as that, don't bother watching.

  3. Dark-EyedTraveler

    A lot of racist in the comments getting but-hurt over the guy's personal preference of which phone is better.
    If you hate the iPhone so much just get your Pixer and be done with it.

  4. Stephen J

    You can tell this guy is either a iPhone fan boy or he truly isn’t the brightest.. There so many categories where the pixel is better specially in image picture quality.. Phone Arena needs to hire more non bias reviewers

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