Google Pixel 3 XL Camera vs iPhone Xs Max!

Google Pixel 3 XL vs Apple iPhone Xs Max camera comparison and review!
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40 Replies to “Google Pixel 3 XL Camera vs iPhone Xs Max!”

  1. yourqueenikkii

    Wait wtf I’m like 3 mins in and iPhone looks way better like when she compared the 1st pic the pixel made her look like she had bags and made them more noticeable like a purplish color I think iphones way way better

  2. Letícia N

    i think when it comes to camera quality its really a matter of preference. apple offers bright and smooth pictures while android phones deliver sharpier cold toned photos. i mean, both are top line smartphones but in my point of view apple loses to its rivals due to the battery life performance. its ridiculous. my almost 3 years old galaxy s7 battery beats the hell out of my friends iphone 8 plus.

  3. Mohamed Alshakori

    I feel very hard for me to swipe my iphone for another, i am not buying it every year but it helpful for me, i mean the system, and i always focus on the camera phone, it is important things in my opinion on that small device, choose what is comfortable on your mind. Thx

  4. IB_Stephanie

    I honestly don’t care if the pixel 3’s photos are a little more dark because that maintains quality of the photo, when it’s brightened up like on the iPhone, it fades out quality. And I edit almost every photo I post anyway lol so I don’t care

    I have the iPhone XS and I hate it. I can’t stand it so I think I’ll be switching to the pixel 3 this weekend.

  5. thavolk84

    Apart trom personal preference, which phone shoots a more accurate photo when compared to the real scene? I think that is a very important part of quality for a camera.

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