Google Pixel 4a – $349? WHAT?!!

The new Google Pixel 4a supposedly comes in at $349. The Snapdragon 730, 5G, 6GB ram, 128GB Storagelook solid but this price tag combined with one of the BEST smartphone cameras on the market make this phone look EXTRA awesome

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44 Replies to “Google Pixel 4a – $349? WHAT?!!”

  1. Dave2D

    $349 US Dollars
    Polycarbonate Build
    Rear Fingerprint Sensor
    Snapdragon 730
    5.81" Punch-hole 1080p
    Headphone Jack
    3140mAH Battery

    I think this phone is gonna crush.

    Do you??

  2. acchaladka

    Ordered mine yesterday. Watching this on a OnePlus 7pro, which I'm about to return – battery is at 45% and it's not even noon here is a big part of the reason why, saving a bunch and a wired headset make the difference to me.

  3. Jester

    I tried the 3a in the store. that thing was not as fluid as I expected and as rumored I had a feeling they put the cheapest headphone jack in the market just to say they did it.
    that thing spit out the Bass/lows crackling, didn't manage to pick the drums right. I tried on the keytwo and lg right after its worlds in between. I think if I search for the Jack on the 4a I could bet to find the same shitty one installed

  4. Matakon Jackson Ulrich

    I love your videos Dave but I would want to regret something happening for a while now, that is the death of those funny intros and animation, those interesting and calming background music and those explanatory animations 😓😓😓

  5. Andi Min

    Yeah🥳❗fantastic….awesome 👌 …blabliblublablubblala..NOONE'll buy this plastic trash bomb, same as the AMAZING Pixel 2, 3, 3a and Pixel 4 🤣. 4a and 5 will be huge failures, like the whole Pixel lineup 💯😂🤣🥳

  6. munish M

    Ishwan?dudee common! u can clearly see there’s no W in his name,if that guy is somebody who knows you he’ll be a little angry….

  7. Tommy Lee

    I started with Android long ago, hated the stuttering and lagging, went to Apple and stayed with iphones since the iphone 5. Now giving Android another chances and thinking about getting the Pixel 4a. Hope the SD730 is strong enough because all the lagging will get right back to iphone in a heart beat because iphones are better optimized and run smoother. My son iphone 6 still runs smooth and that's a 5 year old phone.

  8. BROis

    Meh, doesn't look like much of an upgrade to my Pixel 3. I used to pre-order every single Pixel phone (and Nexus before that), but ever since Google screwed me by not honoring a promotion, screw them. Pre-ordering is always a dumb idea, since they seem to drop prices a few weeks after launch.

  9. Pavlos Pavlou

    @Dave Lee

    Still iPhone SE (2020) is the Best CPU device under 399€.
    They should build some LG – Samsung devices with CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and 865+ with price under 399€.
    Then will be a good competition.
    Until then Apple is way ahead.

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