Google Pixel 4a Android 11 vs iPhone SE 2020 iOS 14 – Speed Test!

Google Pixel 4a Android 11 vs iPhone SE 2020 iOS 14 speed test comparison!

Get the Google Pixel 4a here:

Get the iPhone SE 2020 with Cricket here:


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48 Replies to “Google Pixel 4a Android 11 vs iPhone SE 2020 iOS 14 – Speed Test!”

  1. Takudzwa Rungano

    Bruh…! Can I just say, I LOVE your accent…. And the way you overemphasize some of the words you say… It makes me wanna watch all your videos just to hear the way you talk…😆😆😂😂😂😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  2. Mister Try

    Давно доказано, что любой Android-смартфон будет в сто раз лучше, чем iPhone за огромные бабосики.

    Ко-ко-ко! (Зритель ностальжи ПК и ярый любитель зеона)

  3. Manal Tawfig

    This video displays that apple is better however. I am still going to get the pixel, my sister has the apple and a few months in its laggy. My mum also has apple and it's the most laggiest phone I have seen in my life, Nokia is better then my mum's phone

  4. Добрый Самаритянин

    only a stupid person makes such a comparison! this is not an Olympic discipline where hundredths of seconds are important! I think the overall autonomy of the device (battery) is more important, because the camera and performance are about the same.

  5. Pranav Desai

    4A clear wins, your tap late every time on 4A, whenever 4A wins it too close win Otherside when SE wins it is clear wins, one side review, be honest while comparing

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