GOOGLE PIXEL 5 – Here It Is!

The google pixel 5 has been revealed and its stunning! But slightly different than we expected

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The google pixel 5 is the upcoming smartphone from google and its incredible. Unlike previous releases the google pixel 5 is not aiming at the flagship market and wants to bring the device at a much cheaper cost. In todays video we have the full reveal of the google pixel 5, we go through the specs, design, launch date & price. We have an official trailer video of the google pixel 5 along with a hands on unboxing review.

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31 Replies to “GOOGLE PIXEL 5 – Here It Is!”

  1. Christian Canales

    Currently have a pixel 3. And I still love the phone. It's perfect really. Got my daughter a 4a and I'm super impressed with it. Looking forward to keeping my phone actually. I'll upgrade when this pixel 3 is destroyed or when it gets to the point it won't hold a charge anymore.


    Galaxy S9 – No scratches or dings. Paid Off. Mint condition 👌

    Thinking about upgrading but not pressed. Was going to get the S20, except T-mobile wouldn't finance $1000 on their bogo deal. They wanted $250 deposits for each phone.

  3. Luis Guerra

    Watching from a pixel 3 XL, I've had many devices…,, notes, S series, oneplus, LG's, HTC's, window's devices, Amazon fire, iPhones, etc. ALWAYS returned to Google Pixel ! 😁 Waiting on numero Cinco❤️

  4. Kerri Fisher

    Why are ALL the name brand phone companies making there phones all looking the same.. iphone 11 … Samsung's new phone's 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'll keep buying my cheaper phones till I see something that blows me away.. really like Samsung's new folding phone… But till then I'll use this lg stylo 6 and my Samsung Galaxy S9.. oh yeah and for a phone under $200 I can't believe how fast and all the features this LG Stylo 6 have… Just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Maisha Price

    YEEEESSSSSS!!!!! They brought back the FINGER PRINT SCANNER. That scanner is what makes PIXEL so unique. I was so disappointed when the omitted it in the past designs and was almost considering an APPLE phone. I am so happy that they returned to the original design and now I am interested in purchasing the new PIXEL 5 again. Thanks GOOGLE!!!!

  6. Mac Gyver

    Great video but pixel are junk esp Bluetooth probs they only have a good camera Iike Sony and how popular are Sony but hey Sony Bluetooth works

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