Google Pixel 5 Leaked Design Disappoints?

On Pocketnow Daily, we have a lot of Apple deals from Best Buy. It looks like Samsung is working on a more affordable foldable device. Epic is hosting a “Free Fortnite” Cup and giving out a Bad Apple skin this weekend. Apple is cutting some corners to save some money with the iPhone 12. Several users are having some fog build up on their Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Finally, we have some new CAD renders and leaked specs for the Google Pixel 5.

All this and more after the break.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Today’s Deals:
– iPhone XS / XS Max

– MacBook Pro

– MacBook Air

– More Best Buy Deals

– Fitbit Versa Lite

1:26 – Samsung may be working on a new Galaxy Fold “lite”

2:18 – Epic Games is hosting a FreeFortnite Cup on August 23 targeted squarely at Apple

3:17 – Apple to reduce costs in the iPhone 12 series with battery board changes

4:36 – Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users are already reporting camera defects (Update)

5:39 – Here’s your first detailed look at the Google Pixel 5 and its boring design

– Google Pixel 5 leak tips Snapdragon 765G, an ultra wide angle camera and 90Hz display

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46 Replies to “Google Pixel 5 Leaked Design Disappoints?”

  1. 新城南平

    Will Pixel5 have wireless charging with a plastic body? Is it possible? I thought we glass body is the way to be. But if it can do with plastic, I am totally happy. I am still missing the grippy texture of nexus5.

  2. Mathieu Guignès

    Don't think design is that much of a deal anymore, since phones today are pretty much the same thing: full screen display, with a small front cam, and bigger cam on back (with fingerprint reader on most).

  3. Otaku 069

    Pixel clean,simple. I like it. Facial still doesn't work with mask and mask will be around for awhile and not used for most or many banking apps.

  4. crisismcnoodle

    5 will be a winner in my books if they bring a reasonable price, big battery, 256gb option, and a new primary camera sensor. Or a 4th year of software support 🥺

  5. Mrnovanova

    It would be such a FAIL for Google to abandon Soli after all this build up but then again Google and abandoning stuff is definitely a thing 😀 😄

  6. Peter Hughes

    Google are spot on with the positioning of the fingerprint scanner. Samsung should bring it back on their flagship phone. S20 Ultra owner here, with the "dreaded" Exynos version. It's spot on also.

  7. Asoka Mano

    If Google would use 865 Snapdragon, have 3 cameras 📷 like the Samsung Galaxy S 20 line and newest iPhones and other phones,then Google Pixel phones could easily compete against other companies.

    Google Pixel phones have been too far behind of other companies since the beginning .

  8. Asoka Mano

    I was thinking of switching from Samsung's S 9 to Google's Pixel 5 but if Pixel 5 is going to be their last flag shift I am starting to wonder if it will really be worth it. I know Google's phones are much cheaper but if Pixel 5 will be their last flag ship that means there will be no other phone in Google to upgrade to. Everything after Pixel 5 will just be a down grade that makes no sense. I guess if Google has never been given a good name the way the shitty iPhones have and the good Samsungs then they don't have much choice. If that's the case Google company might as well shut down.

  9. Zach Carroll

    Seems like a step backwards, one of my favorite features of my 4xl is the face unlock, it's so fast. Honestly at this point I wish my 4 had 5g a better battery and more memory. That'd be a more beneficial

  10. taiwanthebest

    If Google 5s design is bad/dissapointing, then I really don't know where to begin with apple 12's design. Don't seem to hear Jamie complain much about that ? 🤔

  11. work desu

    there's this leaked design like a month a go..pixel 5 sporting an almost the same back design as the pixel 4 and new display alike the pixel 4a with a punch hole display, but with a slimmer and more symmetrical bezels
    i think it was perfect
    it really compliments if what google is trying to go with is great software experience inside a premium but minimal looking hardware..
    unlike most other smartphone maker out there who try to be as bling as they can to scream premium

  12. Mickey Majkic

    Pixel 5 makes a perfect phone. 6 inch not too big. curved corners for holding. rear finger print reader is more reliable. Hope the battery is over 4000mah at least and there is a basic face unlock feature for notifications

  13. P MET

    I love that Pixel 5 design. It's subtle, clean and does exactly what you need. Phyical fingerprint scanner on the back, exactly as it should be. It might be "old" tech but it's still far better than in-screen fingerprint sensors. Combined with the lower cost, I would love this to be my next phone. The one big question though is what they do with the cameras. They have to take a step forward with the main camera sensor. I want to see a new, bigger sensor and some improved software algorithms. Since they aren't including a "telephoto" camera, I'm hoping they have worked on their superzoom tech.

  14. Nouraddine Sari

    If you want to access Google's camera software on a Samsung device you have to use google Duo and slide up from your contacts to show the full camera then from there you can take photos and videos

  15. Fckyll231

    I like the Pixel 5 design. It keeps it simple which means not a lot of $. This is where Google should have their phones. It's their sweet spot.

  16. D J

    Disappoints? Come on. It's going to be cheaper than premium devices, easy to use software, great battery, ergonomic form, arguably the best in class photos, improved video, durable finish, great screen, minimal bezels. What more do you want? This is the checklist of what most people are after. If Google go after innovative hardware features or a more premium finish, price goes up.

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