Google Pixel 5 Lineup Confusion

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42 Replies to “Google Pixel 5 Lineup Confusion”

  1. Bradley M

    They are ruining everything with the Google pixel 4a 5g. Just call it Google pixel 4a, 4a XL, 5, and 5 XL. Everything is ruined now. I don't care if it's 5g. I don't want it in the name!!. Google used to be simple and now there are 4a 5G, and 5s. WTF Their naming scheme was so perfect. Other companies are all over the place but the pixel line was always so simple. I'm so upset right now. I want this line up do great again

  2. The Closer

    Google doesn't need to build any hardware, it does create more distraction than anything else. The reason why they dont do marketing and really… they dont care if you like it or not because their biggest source of revenue is software.

  3. Paul Colella

    What Google should have done 5 years ago when they decided to drop the Nexus line and create their own phone would have been to use their deep pockets and put together a team of chip designers and built their own cpu, like Apple. They also should not have hired a design team for a failing phone maker, HTC. Nobody wanted an HTC phone since the one m7. They also need to stop experimental hardware like soli, which at launch, and a year later is pretty much useless. Listen to what people want, it's not rocket science. Use your own vast data to see what people talk about, what's important. People want a decent display, good battery life, and camera that just works as point and shoot (with wide angle and video equal to iphone). Get that right, give the phone a nice design flair, and you're done. It's so simple and they f it up every year. I buy pixel (and Nexus) for the software and google services but it's getting harder to be a loyal Google customer. Hard to believe there hasn't been a shakeup in the hardware management. There really needs to be fresh ideas in the mix here.

  4. hsasmgable

    It's Google guys. They have Apple and samsung to compete with. How does google take a share of that massive market that those two giants practically own…? Go for the price point, become the norm based on price rather than portion

  5. Josh C

    which ever one has an IP rating, that is a non negotiable for any cell phone decision I make. Love the Pixel line but will continue to use my 2 XL if they drop don't offer a phone in 2020 with an IP rating

  6. David L

    i have been a galaxy phone user for years, and im done. I just a clean android install. I think a slower processor in a phone with far less bloatware will run better then a faster processor on a galaxy phone with 8 million apps running that i don't want and can't remove.

  7. Elisabeth Dill

    I'm definitely a little disappointed! I am in the market for a phone this fall, and follow your channels religiously. I was ready to jump on the Pixel 5, but I am going to have to rethink things now. Honestly, I loved their color block aesthetic too, sad they have transitioned. Thanks for the info.

  8. Brian

    I will say this…I am looking forward to this phone, but if the Pixel 5 screen is only 6", I'll pass unfortunately. I was really excited about when it was rumored to be 6.67", that's a big difference. But let's wait and see for the release.

  9. Abdlh

    Even if its a different price and definitely won't be much of a gap, people should go for the better specs which is the pixel 5.


    G 5G Pixle $699 will go as far with price cost down to competition with others that is game and Google is number one of software android os No one will get fast update this a game If any company ask Google for updates and os will cost any one more That's why the custom will pay for it Google can afford it lower price they don't need any one for software android os plus google need parts good and engineering to game that all today if you shake the market with stuff what can you expect some lower smart phone that's why google have advantage of any one microsoft lost with smart phones market good bye

  11. Zuhair Alateeq

    For me, all I care about is the great camera hopefully they improve the video
    clean software
    90hz screen and high brightness
    recent updates
    Therefore, I don’t need sd 865+ and +$1000 phone for just camera and social media 🤷🏾‍♂️

  12. Stuart Smith

    If just wait another year for a 6. Honestly its too confusing as a consumer. Especially since Google's XLs always had an edge over the standard. Just make a 5 and a 5XL. Lower to specs on both .. increase the battery on XL and be done with it

  13. teachmehowtodoge

    Google should stop producing phones and stick with their browsers. As an android user, their phones are ridiculous. They should partner with companies like Samsung to push their brand.

  14. Andrew Golland

    I'd go for the better specs and smaller display. Man I hope they don't disappoint again this year. Still rocking the 3xl and want to upgrade. Come on Google!!

  15. Raul Monrreal

    If google doesn't do the Pixel 5 XL my heart will be broken! I have had the XL version Everytime and now what?! I'm just supposed to go cold turkey without it 🤦🏾‍♂️😭 Sony Experia 1 ii here I come 🤔

  16. Jay McFarland

    My theory is that all of these leakers are terribly wrong about which phone is which. I believe that the 4a5g is the smaller device to stay in line with the og 4a and the 5 is the larger phone to position itself as the more premium as the name suggests. The spec sheet that you just went through supports my theory.

  17. This is Samc

    Ffs Google stop stuffing around and get your shit together, smash a heap of specs into the phones so that they are a power house and make it cheaper, got nothing to lose!!!!!! 🤬😤

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