Google Pixel 5: What you should know

Google may be trying a new strategy as it prepares to release its next phone. Could this be what it takes for the Pixel to grab people’s attention from Apple and Samsung phones?

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33 Replies to “Google Pixel 5: What you should know”

  1. Bea Mar

    How do you make a slide show with your pics that use the whole screen and not just a tiny square and how do you post without it taking forever?
    What are the main differences between the pixel 3xl and pixel 5xl?


    phones are getting boring…so this one or that one is a split second faster than this one….who cares?.. you would never notice it in normal everyday use..even going back to an iPhone 6s i had years ago, even that did everything i ever needed..i never had any speed complaints and the newer phone i have now is a little better but not fundamentally…i have my contract coming up in November and i'm seriously thinking about dropping the provider, going to a cheaper company and keeping this phone i have now… instead of the latest phone, a new contract and two more years of payments…..for what?.. a camera that's a tiny bit better than the one i have now?… who cares

  3. David Martrano

    With Google's software for me I could care less if they don't use the 865processer. The 765 will be good enough, plus go find a better 📷, you won't? The software will make the difference! One thing Google does best is optimize it's software!

  4. Marika

    I wanted to buy the pixel 4 but was disappointed and now I have the iphone 11 pro and it‘s boring I hope google will make only good decisions this year

  5. M O

    See I'm pretty happy with the 765. It's good enough for everyday people. But I still gotta say I'm a bezel lover, and I won't change to a Pixel unless they add expandable storage

  6. TimBo

    How much money is a 765 supposed to save? And are they ever going to increase the storage? And are they ever going to make a phone that isn't buggy?And are they ever going to make a phone that doesn't slow down eventually? I love the whole Google idea, and I really want to love pixel phones, but they suck. A top pixel phone is $1,000. I doubt that the new phones sell any less than that, and if they did it would probably be only $100 less. Usually right after the pixels come out they're discounted $200 for Christmas. These will have an inferior chip, will cost the same or maybe $100 less, and probably won't get a discount. The pixel team continues to make stupid decisions, and since prior performance is all one has to predict future performance, the Pixel 5 will suck.

  7. The Watcher

    I got a wishlist nothing that Google couldn't manage with its vast money and machine learning ai, 120hz screen , soli V2 , matte black finish, bigger battery and not some marketing nonsense of all day battery , 128gb storage, android os rebranded to Google OS and special pixel only features , get app developers to make apps that use the features on the phone ie soli or even face unlock nothing major

  8. Sid He

    I'd honestly be very disappointed if Pixel 5 turns out to be a mid-range phone, because I just want a flagship stock Android phone from Google 🙁 And it's sad to know that I'd be among the customer group that Google gives up on in order to target the "mid-range" customer base

  9. Chris P

    I'll get if A it has a battery life that last 16 hours and B they bring back the finger print scanner back and C they don't price it at iPhone or s20 price

  10. Jeevan George

    Why does google always need to spec low to boast about their software…nobody cares…pure performance is everything….even apple is going for a 5nm chip and google is out their bottlenecking their phones…just grow up google…people are ready to spend huge deal of cash on phones these days…like wtf is wrong with all of you anyway?

  11. Rob Solo

    I still haven't been hard pressed to upgrade from my pixel 2.( No 5G isn't worth it yet) These smart phones come out every year as a gimmick. I haven't found anything I needed to do on my 2 I can't do…. games, photos, etc etc. I honestly don't know what people are expecting from phones anymore. It's time for the next technologicall breakthrough

  12. Adnan Khan

    Why these people dig advancely in codes and try to solve hints to get what chipset or camera sensor is going to be used by a company?
    I mean they can wait !!
    There are tonnes of smartphones in Android..
    Nowadays phones are not for talking/messaging but it's a business

  13. Sati

    Google needs to get at least their a line devices to carriers like Metro, Boost, Cricket, etc. Those carriers attract people that want cheaper service, why not put a good cheap phone in their view. Metro has the the most potent iPhone in its line up, no reason Google should be passing them up.

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