Google Pixel 5 – YES, FINALLY!

Goole Pixel 5 will be the first Pixel phone to have an ultrawide camera for photography. Google is the best when it comes to computational photography and the addition of an ultrawide camera on the Pixel 5 should further help Google maintain lead over its competition.

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  1. Andreas Viklund

    The Pixel 5 may be called "boring", and I would understand those who would use that description. And I agree that flagships are much more exciting. But the Pixel 5 is still the #1 phone on my wishlist. Perfect size, good fingerprint sensor, enough CPU and RAM and a camera that would work great for me. Honestly, I would have had the Pixel 4a high on that wishlist as well, because of its pricing and specifications – but Google doesn't sell the 4a in Sweden. The Samsung s10e is another model of interest, in case Google would not bring the 5 to Sweden.

    As for actually buying any upcoming phone, I really want a somewhat smaller device, up to 6-inch display and a width below 75mm, OLED and always on time and date. Also with a good camera, and upgradeable to Android 11. The fun thing for me is that I've been an iPhone user since iPhone 4 was released. Tried Android phones throughout the years and not liking any of them – until the iPhone 11 Pro Max teached me that flagships are overkill and big sizes are not my thing. I realized that I wanted something more like the iPhone XS – but the pricing made me wait…

    And while waiting, my wife gave me her backup phone, a Motorola Moto E5 with Android 8, just as a temporary replacement – and… Well… I do like using it (and Android), and the feeling of having a phone that can be used without cases – and with plastic back rather than glass (which I tend to break).

    I have no idea why I just spent a few minutes writing this, since nobody cares anyway. But I'll leave a message to Google, in case someone would actually read this comment: Please bring the Pixel 5 (and the upcoming 4a 5G) to Sweden. I REALLY want one of those boring mid-range models, rather than paying twice the amount to stay in the Apple garden.

    Please…? Thank you in advance!

  2. Scott Spooner

    I have the Note 10 and the under glass fingerprint reader sucks in comparison to the Pixel3. the rear fingerprint scanner is way faster to use and way more accurate.

  3. jimv1983

    Who really wants an ultra wide anyways? I've never wanted to take a picture where I was farther away. I often want to take a closer shot and digital zoom is terrible.

  4. tommy

    I have optical fingerprint scanner in display (mi 9) and i hate it! So capacitive scanner is way better. I preffer function over style.

  5. Naman Bhan

    Well even the pixel budget series' (a) is costlier in India against Nord imagine the best ever pixel to come Plus flagship in XL series would cost in countries like India, no wonder People legit buy iphone over it.

  6. IronCan88

    This Pixel 5 better have a super big battery like 8000mah. Otherwise what's the point of having reverse wireless charging function? Pixel 4 already suffered from poor battery life….Combine that with reverse wireless charging, and you've got nothing. No one's going to sacrifice the already short phone battery life, to charge something else. I mean…whats more important to you?…Your smartphone VS smartwatch and wireless headphone.

  7. WC0012

    Not sure about this. 90 hertz Oled is nice and ultrawide camara as well, but let’s pretend it’s 600 Euro, why should I spend 250 extra if I can have a more compact 4a with minor downgrades. I will go with the 4A.

  8. Asoka Mano

    If Google were to add 865 snapdragon as everyone else does in 2020, have 3 cameras, increase battery power then maybe they would actually get ahead of where they are. Everything Google Pixel phones have and are going to improve on in the Pixel 5 has already been done by other phone companies since at least 4 yrs. ago.

  9. Asoka Mano

    It doesn't make sense for Google to make another cell phone if the Pixel 5 is going to be their last flag ship. So what's next then for pixel fans? Are you guys only going to buy budget phones from Google which means these phones will never improve or not by much? or are you guys going to switch to another type of 📱?

  10. #reboot#

    My guess is that Google wants to gain some market share so they will go for a larger audience for a while until they can truly be the iPhone of the android.

  11. TokyoKazama

    As douchey as it sounds, I always want my new phone to be bleeding edge. Google pixels have the best cameras around whereas they skip out on all other specs, making the phone overall more mid market.

  12. James S. Young Jr.

    How do you not give us a 5XL version? I have a 3XL and enjoy the size of the screen while doing video chat our watching YouTube videos. This will be a hard pass on my part with Google.

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