Google Pixel In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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The Google Pixel came out in 2016, so how does it hold up in 2020? Let’s find out!

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46 Replies to “Google Pixel In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)”

  1. Crazcompart

    It definitely was a great working phone… Butt-ugly thing, though… Because it was made by HTC, and was pure Android from the gate, this phone could very easily be rooted (ROMmed) for Android versions past 10… In fact, it is THE preferred unit nowadays for aftermaket rooting by enthusiasts, even over the old HTC One Mx units themselves! I know about three people that still have these, and they're all rooted and running Android 11 flawlessly!

  2. Avingay Anfordstay

    Oh my gosh this guys voice is so annoying he talks like he’s talking through like a sponge or something and he talks like he’s trying to sound like a black guy it’s just so annoying

  3. [Pz] chiu

    This phone (along with the XL) is the only phone with unlimited original quality Google photo storage. I got one just to backup photos for my DSLR.

  4. logaknojk

    i love 16:9 phones, bezels are not a problem for me, and i really don’t like the "revolutionary" larger displays because of it's one-handed usage issues, and also the aspect ratio of today's phones are getting larger and larger. i remember when some people didn't like the iphone 5's new larger retina display at the time but in my opinion it was a nice leap at the moment for phones. honestly i think aspect ratio in smartphones are going way too far

  5. Shawn Keene

    This is on sale right now for $97. Even if I had enough money to buy the Pixel 4 at the current price, I would buy this instead. I don't need my fingerprint reader taken away from me and replaced with batteries sucking refresh rates and battery sucking radar. Pixel 1 2 or 3, are all better than the 4

  6. Wayne Zahra

    When I had the 6p I expected so much from the phone and was hugely disappointed. The phone was always getting hot and the battery could have been far better. Now I'm with iPhone (main carrier) life when it comes to technology is so much better. However I do like the pixel1 XL . So fast and smooth.

  7. Nevermind EZ

    Hello Sir,
    I want Unlimited Cloud Storage Forever with any limitations…My question to you is does this pixel offers it or the others
    As I was going through this google post "Google doesn't offer 'truly unlimited' storage, except for the Pixel 1 and Pixel 1 XL. For instance, Pixel 3 and 3 XL users won't be able to use the freebie after January 31, 2022. They can continue to use the high quality option afterward"

    Question remains "Which pixel device offers unlimited cloud storage forever with limitation ? "

  8. Up Android

    I bought that phone few months ago in eBay for $ 50 and I really like before I'm using Galaxy s8 and now after use that phone I'm thinking buy the pixel 3a

  9. John Le

    DO NOT get this phone. Had many hardware issues, like bootlooping issues and microphone issues with calling. This pixel lineup is the worst lineup ever from google.

  10. Yash Kadel

    Thank you for making this video!

    A broke college student, who happens to be a Google fanboy, and is contemplating to buy the original Google Pixel in 2020 from either Decluttr or BackMarket.

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