Google Pixel Review: Best Android Smartphone!

Google Pixel delivers an experience good enough to be my Top Android Phone of 2016!

Google Assistant 4K Video on Tesla:

Google Assistant vs Siri:

Google Pixel skins:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Clique – Kanye West | Instrumental


22 Replies to “Google Pixel Review: Best Android Smartphone!”


    Google is kind of a copy cat.
    They want to be more IOS then android. The best feature of android is the SD Card and is OPEN to the community but google went APPLE.

  2. Sam Haycraft

    Stay away from these. I haven't tried the Pixel 4, but I had a original and a 2 XL. The 2 XL, phone just randomly bricks after a couple of days. Verizon replaces that, THAT phone bricks after a little over a month. Being as how it's been past the grace period, I have to buy out the entire fucking phone PLUS buying a new one. That one at least lasted a little over a year, but guess what? Fucking bricked again about 2 months after I was doing paying back the old fucking phone. Fuck Google, and fuck Verizon.

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