Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone 7

They’re very different handsets, sure, but what does each have to offer – where are their strengths and weaknesses? You’re about to find out, as we compare the Google Pixel against the Apple iPhone 7.

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30 Replies to “Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone 7”

  1. Buddha k

    First off, Pixel has a larger screen and you made it sound like it's bigger for no reason.

     These biased reviewers keep saying iPhone's camera is on par with Pixel's and that it's a matter of preference, yet Pixel is THE camera-phone, period.

    Google's camera is better at detail, dynamic range and low light performance, whereas iPhone's photos seem washed out. The front facing camera on the iPhone is total garbage. I mean, everyone knows this.

    Android has come a long way. It's way more fluid and intuitive, especially on Pixel phones.  I just switched from Apple, the speed difference is day and night.

  2. Gowtham V

    Look at the colour reproduction in pixel vs the iPhone. Pixels doesn't matter much. Its how the colours are reproduced in that iPhone 7 has better color reproduction and pixel seems washed out.

  3. Jac Firth

    love both and have had every iPhone going including the 7. iPhones are now boring me. However, being water resistant isn't something that should sway people. it's ridiculous. I now have the pixel. Best phone I've ever had.

  4. George David

    Android should run 128 Gb of ram and the os to load at start of the phone because is so slow and in time is getting worse.. is the only OS that is getting old like a living thing..

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