Google's Pixel 5 may be boring, and that's not a bad thing

New leaks suggest the Pixel 5 will not be a flagship-level phone. The Pixel 5 is expected to have a Snapdragon 765 5g chipset, and 8GB of RAM. This means the Pixel 5 may in fact be slightly slower than the Pixel 4, which will probably make a lot of folks skeptical of buying it. But with smartphone prices ballooning into the mid-thousands of dollars, if Google can keep the Pixel 5 affordable, it could be an appealing device. You’ll still get Google’s top-tier camera, albeit the same sensor we’ve seen since the Pixel 2, in standard and wide-angle configurations, and after the snafu of the Pixel 4, we’re also expecting the 5 to have a much larger battery.

A lot of the visuals in this piece came from Pricebaba, check out their renders based on the leaks here

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33 Replies to “Google's Pixel 5 may be boring, and that's not a bad thing”

  1. Astref

    I hate the hole on the screen. I never minded the bezel , you can put all the sensors you want and even trow in stereo speakers. I never understood why and how the hole punch cut out became a thing.

  2. Jovan Ramirez

    If there will be no XL variant I'll be skipping out. Sucks because I love Google OS. this is the best operating system I've used hands down.

    I was hoping to get the Pixel 5 XL to upgrade my Pixel 2 XL. I've been using this phone and I still not see a reason to upgrade, it works great because of Google OS.

  3. Ganbly

    Mid range phone for 700 dollars it is expensive. At the price of the iPhone 12… Which is a premium mid range with A14 CPU GPU. Good luck pixel. 🤫😆

  4. Ganbly

    It is not bad it is not great. It is just the reason to not move to that phone, at least for me. It looks like a phone released in 2017. If Google has no ultra model with 3 lens camera, ultra wide selfie, high specs, face id and good battery… Then I am not buying a pixel so soon. Pixel 3 XL here.

  5. Jay Dub

    No offense to y'all and other tech reviewers. But if y'all put this much effort into selling the audience on the Pixel 4 XL, we wouldn't have to suffer with this mid-ranger. Let me explain.

    Reviewers complained and complained about the practicality of Soli radar. But it with the face unlock makes it one of the fastest and most reliable face unlock in the business. Yes. Motion gestures for music didn't do all that it was meant to do perfectly. But the tech made it a great performer amongst its peers.

    Many high caliber reviewers posted follow up reviews stating that the Pixel 4/XL battery life improved due too Adaptive Battery and display. I saw a 52 min increase in on-screen time after 2 months of use.

    The bezel. The bezel. The bezel. So it is fine for Apple to have notch deformity in the middle of the top of the screen. Google fills in the 2 centimeter gaps on both sides to gives borders without software assistance to hide notch deformity and their device design is hailed as "dated".

    Reviewers going back and saying in so many words, "Sorry. This is actually a good phone!" This doesn't help us now. Not totally y'all fault. Google should have put their best for forward to market the abilities of their devices. But y'all have covered them for a long time and should know better.

    The Pixel 4 XL is the best device out. No delayed software updates due to carrier and/or manufacturer shenanigans. AI improves overall devices performance and user experience. We needed Google to stay the course of the 4/4XL with better battery, keep Telephoto and add wide angle. 3 things! Just 3 things and y'all would have helped this device sell way better than it did!

    Google! We don't want a MID-RANGER! We want your best! We want you best to continue to push your other Android manufacturers/competitors to do better by us. How is this pitful 5 going to do that?

  6. Bojan Bojovic

    Google phones do not look great on paper, however in reality there is so many great things about them that an average YouTuber and user simply do not understand and appreciate.
    – Boring design while everyone else has shiny glassy-fancy look; Well, if someone trows my Xiaomi Mi 10 to a pile of other 2020 flagships I will have a hard time to find it and recognize which one is mine actually, while I could see and recognize my old Pixel 2 XL from 10 meters. It was original and unique in some way.
    – Then small battery; Yes but Pixel 2XL was very thin and easy to hold while Mi 10 with its large battery is much heftier and chunkier.
    – Only one camera; Yes, but it simply works. It is idiot friendly camera, point and shoot. Mi 10 has this great 108 mpix sensor however it has shallower dof and if not careful the images can get out of focus.

    Google phones are great, but Google's management is simply asinine.

  7. Tor Hunemark

    Let's just hope they realize that without top specs they don't need to adopt the largest screen possible. A one-handed device has been long due from Google.

  8. UAh

    Hope google will cut down the price without compromising modestly good specs as you shared. A good camera and a speedy processor is all, most of the consumers need. Happy that google ditched the annoying notch.

  9. Jeong-hun Sin

    $700? Who the freaking heck would buy it at that price? It has the same chipset as the $499 4a 5G and only 2GB more RAM. It should be no more expensive than $600, and it should be discounted to $500 at the Black Friday.

  10. Jordan

    If they remove faceunlock and go hole punch. I'm off to iPhone 12 especially since the small iPhone is rumoured to be reasonably cheap, has OLED and superior battery life

  11. Tony Talks

    Seems like Google is making a Nexus like phone line-up. I'm for it honestly! They can't compete with bleeding edge hardware so midrange works out just fine.

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