GoPro HERO3 + GoPro APP – Preview Not Supported – Android Smartphone VS iPhone 5

I was disappointed that the GoPro APP preview was not supported when recording, when using it with my Android Smartphone…until I got an iPhone 5.

NOTE: If the preview doesn’t work with your iphone5, then try turning Protune OFF.

Thank you for watching.

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33 Replies to “GoPro HERO3 + GoPro APP – Preview Not Supported – Android Smartphone VS iPhone 5”

  1. travis roberts

    I'm not sure, but maybe it has something to do with the what the phones screen is capable of displaying . Maybe the resolution and fps is to much for the phones capabilities ??? Just a thought and clearly I don't know just guessing

  2. tim mellis

    You (we) need to change the resolution. I had the same problem. Came here and someone who left a message, explained it. Anyways, check a youtube video on resolution. Play around with it. It could very well work. It did for me.

  3. Anthony Edwards

    Does anyone have an issue with clarity of the preview on a smartphone or tablet. I previewed my go pro 4 silver edition on my s5 smartphone and it looks pretty choppy…

  4. Ross Tudor

    I personally can't understand why a company that sells so many devices at top $$$ can't get it right and think they are concentrating on bringing out new modles / features before they are ready and old problems have been fixed..

  5. Taz Lee

    the previews support occasionally, not all the times.
    Like this afternoon, i use my Hero4 Silver to record the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, it did shows the preview on my Nexus 5.
    But after i back to home, the preview is not supported for both my Nexus 5 nor iPad air 2, how come?!

  6. Brett Sewell

    This makes perfect sense to me. If your older phone does not support the frame rate restitution or quality of the picture it may not work. Gopro hero 3 records at good rates and you pay a lot of money for a top toy. Alter your phone to cope with the media level or don't preview.

  7. Jamey Ray Frazee

    Ok I have a GoPro Hero 3+ and found the same problem… "Preview Not Supported"
    Originally I had thought that Pro-Tune might be an issue so I turned it off…. NoGo,
    Still got the same message, "Preview Not Supported"
    So I lowered the Resolution from 1080 Superview. to 1080. BINGO! Preview Works!!
    Let me know if this works for you guys.

  8. Jen R

    Hi i recently got the new gopro hero 3+ black edition and I connected it to my iPhone 5S and it allowed me to record videos and watch it on my iPhone and now I am trying to record a video and I can't watch it on my iPhone

  9. Brynmag Productions

    The GoPro APP has an update, so make sure you do that. Also make sure you have the latest firmware update for Hero3 (from July 2013).
    Failing that, email GoPro and ask about your phone, they will know if it is compatible.
    There are so many phones out there, it's hard to make it work for all of them but all the newer more popular models should be OK.

  10. sharpnup

    Hey Bryn,

    I bought GoPro Hero 3 for snowboarding last year and found it NOT compatible with Samsung Galaxy Sii. I beat myself up calling myself a totally idiot for not been able to figured it out etc etc and then found all the forums with the same problem.

    I originally could not even get a preview picture making it very tricky to align the picture frame for photos or recording.
    Any word on updates for other smart phones?

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