Hands-on: BlackBerry Evolve & EvolveX


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  1. Saurav Panja

    There is a limit of getting things wrong. Time and again BB has proved it. They should be awarded for having so many goof ups. My dtek60 is trying to survive after the last 2 android update 2 weeks ago that came in a gap of 4 days(August 2018). Since then fingerprint hardware is not working, memory card not reading, many apps including basic phone call not happening and screen is not waking up. I bought it in december 2016 for 45k. This ll be my last BB device for sure.

  2. R Virgo

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  3. Mark S

    The prices are higher in India because they have two levels of VAT or GST type taxes. The better phone, worth buying from India for North America, Europe or Asia is the higher end EvolveX. At Rs34,990 that is $507 in U.S funds with the internal India tax. Drop about 25 to 30 percent off that amount for export, means about $355 to $380 in U.S. funds based on the dollar exchange rate as of August 10th. Shipping cost per unit will be reasonable if you order 10 to 25 units. The base Evolve phone isn't worth buying as it only has a Snapdragon 450 chipset while the EvolveX has a faster, smoother Snapdragon 660 chip and 50 percent more memory. I had a BlackBerry Priv and the Z30 before that but I got the BlackBerry Motion when my 24 month contract expired. I'm about to buy about 30 of the EvolveX for export to the U.S. and market it as Not-Made-In- China phone. I hate the way that the Red China government is tearing down Christian churches and now recently they are confiscating bibles. Being a commie means you are anti God and vice versa. Americans understand that, very well.

  4. Nasrul Abba

    BB cant compete with one plus, samsung and iPhone, their problem is the price. they are selling a mediocre specs 300+ more expensive than it should be. they thought they are the "apple" of android. just bcs they are "blackberry" they could make their units expensive than it should be and expect people to buy it. the only tricks they have to make it work is to sell their phones with a physical keyboard, they've done it with keyone and keytwo, but it still doesnt have a great sales. so bb, just be humble and cut down ur prices.

  5. S6N 6F G6D

    I remember in class as a teenager texting my friends with a BlackBerry before smartphones where a thing. Now i feel like they fail to fit in. It should have better specs for that price. Or it should be cheaper. Honestly i don't really care about a brand. But i like to be different. And unique like a hipster. And if people ask me what phone i have' id say "BlackBerry " and people be like. "They still make phones? " and id be the only one. That sounds cool. I have a huawei now. Regular specs. Its cheaper. And better. So i don't think this will do it for me ?

  6. edwin172004

    Few thinks got point out one is the music, makes hard to understand you….and most annoying u turning your head every so often like if u were watching out for something like u hiding or u stole the devices lol.

  7. David Ponce

    No it will not come into the US/Canada, if you but it on eBay or Amazon please do not call the regular Blackberry number as we will tell you to go away.

  8. nashdow

    How much does BlackBerry give you I'm surprised you mention BB key series is good build their screen is weak and able to pull it off poor build

  9. BJPatty

    650 snapdragon?? That's not impressive at all, especially considering the fact that this phone is typically used as a work phone..

  10. Philippe van Heek

    i love Blackberry i collect them all …. i have the Q10, Bold; Passport ; Playbook ( Tablet ) ; Keyone …. must have for BB is the Physical Keyboard @ ITALY ( im sorry my english is not so good )

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