16 Replies to “[Hands-On] Galaxy S9 and Samsung Dex”

  1. freaker126

    this is good. i already have the dex pad. my channel have lots of gameplay. but, we need good popular pc games to port to android. Like skyrim, diablo, call of duty or dirt franchise. Maybe, l4d2 or whatever. THe play store are full of in-app and ads crap. MOst game don't come with controller or mouse and keyboard support. Some game like rush rally 3 is like console gaming. The dexbook concept are really nice and modern. A lot of kickstarters already have a lapdock. But, their design are not as good as dexbook. Why samsung, not interested in something like the dexbook where people can enhance their use as a laptop with samsung dex?

  2. Defensive Wounds

    Come on Samsung! Apple will copy this and make a fortune from it – beat them to the punch by doing this – release a DeX dock that has a screen just like a laptop, has a real keyboard and you slot the phone into the area where the trackpad is on a laptop, your phone is the computer just like last years DeX was and this new one is plus it doubles as a trackpad/mouse !!!! THERE YOU GO! Out-APPLED-Apple again as usual!!! lol THIS is a DeX I would buy, until then I can dream…. As this is still too gimmicky right now, until Apple copy it and probably do as I described above and beating you to the punch… I hate it when they copy innovation like yours then everyone gives them credit they don't deserve!

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