Hands On: Huawei P10 & Huawei Watch 2

While you don’t see the Huawei logo on many phones in the United States, the company behind it has been around for 30 years. I’ve taken a look at some of Huawei’s top-shelf gadgets over the past few months, and the world just got two more: the Huawei P10 dual-camera smartphone and the Huawei Watch 2 smartwatch. I’m MrMobile and I’ve spent 24 hours with each at MWC 2017; join me for a quick hands-on from Barcelona!



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41 Replies to “Hands On: Huawei P10 & Huawei Watch 2”

  1. Rocky Rocket

    HUAWEI is using three types of storage interfaces in P10 & P10 PLUS, eMMC 5.0, UFS 2.0, UFS 2.1. The former is more than 3 times lower than the latter in speed. HUAWEI admitted it in an official announcement but insisted there is no perceivable difference between the three. Think twice before you considering buy one.

  2. Donald Daharu

    so I had to use a p9 lite for a couple days cause I messed up TWRP on my op3t and I must say that I now see what you mean by ugly UI on Huawei. I'm sorry man! I more understood what you said.

  3. Craig Duncanson

    Huawei are great devices. Apart from their skin. You can ditch that though. Very well made etc. I never understand why devices aren't released in some countries and you are rarely told why. Another thing I don't get is why Sony don't release their phones in the States with the fingerprint scanner.

  4. Light Strider

    This might be a dumb question, but does Michael buy these products? Or do companies just gift them to him? Or is it a case of companies shipping it to him, and he returns them after a few weeks?

  5. Michael Livote

    I like their Honor brand here in the US, but I would also love to see their other phones here as well. The hardware is great and the software is improving with each version, they really are a top contender in the market for sure. Would love to see some more reviews from you on these despite the fact they may not be sold in the US. Nice to see what the rest of the world gets that we don't 😉

  6. black pachenko

    dont buy fucking huawei please. i wasted my money on a p8 and and its a waste of money… the phone sucks alot. and theres no service care or updates. the company sucks

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