Hands-On with iOS 12's New iPad Gestures

The new iPad gestures are identical to the gestures on the iPhone X, with Apple preparing us for the elimination of the Home button in future iPad models. Rumors suggest upcoming iPad Pro models will feature a TrueDepth camera system and Face ID rather than a traditional Touch ID Home button.

If you use an iPhone X, the new iPad gestures will be familiar to you, but if you don’t, it could take a bit of time to get used to. Here is a quick rundown of what to expect.

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29 Replies to “Hands-On with iOS 12's New iPad Gestures”

  1. Gino Guillermo

    It would seem the Split screen (or Split View) multitasking feature on older models like my wife's iPad Air1 isn't fully supported. Is this true? I plan to buy an iPad mini 4. So would you say true split screen multitasking is available on the tablet? What apps can you do drag n drop? (Photos with Gmail, Gmail to Evernote, Safari to Google Keep, etc.)? Please advise. Thanks.

  2. Symen Jager

    I absolutely suck with gestures. I forget them or I am not precise enough doing them. If this is Apple’s future for the iPad, this was my last iPad Pro or iPad in general.

  3. Leaper PW

    No wonder I couldn’t find the control center , I freaked out when I could not find it . But I just realized that it was on the right side of the home screen . ???

  4. Anna U

    Now I can close apps accidentally by swiping up. Great! And pinching an app doesn’t work the way it used to – other apps keep popping up. I hate it! Bottom line: the new gestures are so counter-intuitive and unnecessary on iPad. Why do they have to change things?

  5. Silberpfeil

    Removing the homebutton on an iPad makes absolutely no sense since the screen is large enough as it is. Crippling a device by forcing unintuitive gestures on a device which still has a homebutton and no notch just for the sake of aligning it with 3 of the 11 iOS devices in the current line-up is absolutely insane!

    I'm sticking with my iPad Pro 10.5" (unfortunately downgraded immediately back to iOS11 because of this) and iPhone 7 as long as a can! #keephomebutton

  6. Mabel Pines

    You can use the cursor feature on any iPad right now without iOS 12, jus tap & hold with two fingers close to each other and simply start using it :]

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