Hardcore Android User Switches to an Apple iPhone to Try the New iOS 14

Apple’s new iOS 14 has been released to the public, but what does a hardcore Android user and Google Pixel User think of the iOS 14 compared to Android? Let’s compare 🤖 Customize your devices with a dbrand skin & grip case: (sponsored)

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46 Replies to “Hardcore Android User Switches to an Apple iPhone to Try the New iOS 14”

  1. This is Tech Today

    🚨*QOTD: What do you think? Are you primarily an iOS user or an Android user? What do you think of the new changes in iOS 14 and if you're an Android user, do you find any of these changes compelling? Are you switching to iOS?*
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  2. Chemical Warfare

    I've had an Ipod touch before, but never an iPhone. Always been Android, wether it be Samsung or LG. But I don't understand why people go crazy over the next iPhone that Apple releases about every year or so. Like it's a Phone what more does it offer😂 I guarantee you if I switched to iPhone, I'll treat it the same way with all my Androids.

  3. lolo lola

    iOS pros: more responsive and faster than android. Security is better. No app compatibility issues. Free pages and numbers app.

    iOS cons: cant torrent. Cant use emulators. I NEED THAT BACK GESTURE NAOOOO!!!!


    I dont see myself going back to apple ever lol, they copy feature from android then make it look like they came up with something special haha. Poor apple fanboys.

  5. Simon

    I bought the 12 Pro and i find the backtap feature incredible. I have doubletap set for screenshot and triple tap set for Spotlight search – being able to open it up with an app running behind to check something or do some quick calculations like I would on an iPad with magic keyboard or a Mac makes me so happy

  6. WakyEggsBacy

    Switched to iPhone, like it a lot but two big drawbacks of iOS are notifications and the inability of exchanging folders and files with other devices

  7. ryan pelkey

    I am coming to Iphone from 10 years of android. Last phone is a note ten plus. I just need a change. Hope Sprint/TMobile will bring my phone soon. Tad backordered Thanks for this channel.

  8. Katie Hulbert

    I've been an Android user for about 7 years or so. I had an iPhone 5S for about a year, and it was quite easily the worst phone I've had (though the Droid 3 was a close second). But lately, I find myself longing for something new. Android is great when it's good, but I just want something different. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

  9. jonjoe89

    Each year I become more and more open to trying an iPhone. Because with each year, the iPhone becomes more and more like an Android. They almost had me this year.

  10. Riley Cook

    I am thinking about switching to iOS because I feel it does better for productivity reasons. I also love the changes but I wish they would make everything that is available for the iPhone IOS available for the iPad IOS

  11. Jacob K

    RCS has been amazing for me and my friends and family across T-Mobile and AT&T, btw! I wouldn't call it a mess at all, but once again… 🤷🤷🤷

  12. Jacob K

    I wouldn't call having to go into system settings to change app-specific settings a "feature". Wouldn't it make sense to have those settings in the app you want to change them in…?? 🤯🤯🤯

  13. Chase

    It was enough to make me switch. I’ve been hardcore android-only since the Galaxy s2. I’m very happy with my upgrade especially with the battery life. My note 10 is horrible battery wise!!

  14. Ricky Wilson

    why doesn't apple just do like a toggle action with some apps and widgets? like a windows taskbar where you can lock it and unlock it so they don't recode the whole thing in a way??? not sure exactly how it works but win its wiggly they should put some type of lock symbol so it stays where you put it after you press it but yeah. that is one of the main reasons I'm not with apple rn. i guess because it is optimized for what it is and its adding a few complications.

    another thing is why don't they have at least 90hz on their displays or something ngl on a phone i don't see the point in a 144hz/120hz screen but 90hz is a good balance IMO.

    P.s – Apart from the very picky things iPhone worth going back to now since the IOS 14 and etc

  15. Shawn Evans

    I am watching this with my new iPhone 12 pro! Finally made the switch after 8 years of being an android fanboy😂 I have always wanted to make the switch since the iPhone 4 came out but then android keep dragging me to buy their phones(specifically Samsung). I gave up on android for two reasons only the hardware and longevity. I hope this helps some people to decide.

  16. avenuePad

    If the iMessage experience on iOS is anything close to the desktop's, I want no part of it. What I'm saying is, iMesaage on the desktop sucks hard.

  17. Timestamp Tammy

    Been an android user for about 4 years now, switching to the 12 pro max for social and hobbyist reasons. Always loved the software freedom and creativity of samsung products, the ability to easily use third party apps, and the many ways to do simple tasks differently. After watching hundreds of reviews and posts regarding the iPhone, the camera technology and the apple community/influence has finally gotten to me. After years of being a tech geek, I have realized that its much easier to be social on an iPhone compared to an Android as a teenager/young adult.

  18. Hristo Valev

    I'm an android user and I think that Apple finally realized that people love Android for a reason and that iOS is inferior(customization-wise and freedom-wise). In my opinion, overcoming their ego is a step in the right direction. Of course, there is still a lot more to do but they are headed in the right direction.

  19. Severin Oden

    I had an iphone 4s then after that I switched to Samsung cause my mom made me do it then after around 9 years I'm back on ios and I love it I wish I would have switched back soon on like iPhone 8 though I'm currently on an iphone 11 pro max and I dont plan on going back to android anytime soon

  20. Wabian Bickley

    I'm a Samsung flagship android user & there is nothing that Apple can do to get me 2 switch. The main reason still is customization. Also the extras from Samsung and the premium 3rd party apps that I get.

  21. ASO Biri

    Overall, I like android more and it has always been more user-friendly to me. However, there is one thing that I wish android phones had and it is the update. In terms of updates, iOS is far ahead. You have to wait a long time to receive major android updates unless you are a pixel user. What's worse, for most android phones, especially the mid-rangers and low-budget devices, you might end up getting only one major update which is a massive bummer.

  22. 808foodlover

    Android for life user. Sick and tired of fixing iphones, user error or otherwise. So for me, Android all the way.

    Now I gotta learn how to fix stuff with this new piece of c…. OS

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