Here's How RPG Destiny Child Is Censored On iOS vs Android

Destiny Child, a Korean mobile RPG, is vastly censored on iOS vs Android. Many of the girls artwork has been toned down in the iOS version, which is also rated 12+, rather than the Android releases 18+ rating.

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[박대박] 므흣한 안드 vs 감각적인 iOS, ‘데스티니 차일드’ 진리는?

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36 Replies to “Here's How RPG Destiny Child Is Censored On iOS vs Android”

  1. Janethan Ricanibante

    IOS guidelines are stupid.
    They should restrict or heavily censor apps like YouTube, Tinder, Tiktok or even the internet browser because they would be used to watch explicit or sexually themed content as well.

  2. Blue Wolf

    1:33 whats the name of that character???
    I've been looking everywhere and cant find her name, she pops up in every loading screen and I just cant see her 🙁



    Looking at iOS App Store and this game is rated 17+ in USA

    Not sure if it’s still censored as it was or if they just upped the rating to lure ppl in though

  4. WYC

    On JP destiny child. Seems like it’s unevenly censored on the JP iOS game although it’s also 12+ there. For example, the healer priest doesn’t have the middle portion covered up. The waitress also don’t have the fish netting or stocking. However some other ones are censored. Not sure if it’s because JP has a different general tolerance level

  5. Itachi Uchiha

    you can play this game on DMM :v i dont get it anyway, i play some game called azur lane and have similar sexual thing or maybe more idk for example USS south dakota you can see her areola of her nipple or other girl called niizuki you can see her puss her loli puss lol both android/ios

  6. White Ichigo

    I Know i'm late with video . but does anyone know how to make option like this 1:23 to see my character i'm playing on android or that is only for IoS? i like that desing a lot

  7. MasterYoshitaka

    Just watch them port that censored iOS version into english Android and iOS market. Holy shit that would be pretty fucking stupid, but in these times I can't doubt anymore.

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