Hidden Android Settings you should change RIGHT NOW!

Welcome to Android Tips / Apps / Tricks / Secrets – focused on Android Settings (up to Android Oreo), that you should change in 2017 -2018!

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29 Replies to “Hidden Android Settings you should change RIGHT NOW!”

  1. april johnson

    WOW man, I loved this video man!!! You just got another subscriber buddy. I'm soo glad I took a chance on watching your video sir. I'm still changing my keyboard back to either my Swift keyboard or my other keyboard, if I can remember what it was on old phone and put it on my new phone the Blu Vivio Xi.

    But thanks for the cool Google tips that I usually just overlook because I think I that they don't apply to me. Much appreciated.

  2. J. M. Pérez

    I always look at this thinking I will find something new. I never do! I think this is for iPhone users who think they know shit about tech but really don't that's why they like iPhones LOL

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