Hindi | Redmi Note 5A Unboxing 32GB 3GB Ram Snapdragon 435

Hello hi salaam namashker iss video mein Redmi Note 5a Unbox kia hai price our availablety nahi batai hai shop waley ney mana kia hai jab market mein available ho jaiga to price video banainge ummed hai apko pasand aaiga video shukriya

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  1. Owie Briones

    i bought the note 5a prime with 3/32 thats what it indicates on a shop when i ordered…when my order came the box indicates note 5a only not the prime version.. but my phone got a fingerprint.. i search about the difference between note 5a and prime.. prime got a fingerprint… and im confused… they say that note 5a doesnt have a fingerprint sensor.. the one i got had fingerprint…btw im from the philippines.. what did i just bought?? a prime with 3/32??

  2. Lambert Tricia

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    तो क्या फायदा है फिर इंटरनेट पर चलाने का रेट नहीं बता सकते हैं फिर क्या करेंगे आदमी

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