Honor 8X 3 Day Review – The Only 8X to Get!

Here is my 3 Day Review of the Honor 8X! This is definitely the phone I should have purchased, as I am enjoying this far more than the 8X Max! Stay tuned for my full comparison between the Honor 8X and the Mi 8 Lite. Thanks for watching! (and please wait for the 4K upload it should be available soon!)

Time codes for the video:
0:55 – Quick 3 Day Summary
2:05 – Design
3:19 – Honor 8X vs Mi Max 3 Size Comparison
4:25 – Display
6:49 – Video Playback on 8X
8:19 – Performance
10:39 – Battery Life
12:09 – Audio/Speaker Test
12:24 – Camera Performance
17:25 – Final Thoughts & My one potential dealbreaker

49 Replies to “Honor 8X 3 Day Review – The Only 8X to Get!”

  1. Robbie Stevens

    wow i don't know how you do it, but i realized that you were recording with an iphone when i saw the reflection through the 8X that's crazy! i don't know how you made the video look so high res it looks like ur using a dslr!

  2. dom garrett

    Well been delivered today,wow took some pictures of my springers,absolutelly fantastic,gona get some nice pictures of the girls framed and on the walls,cheers dude all the verry best.

  3. santyclos

    I ordered a Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 on the weekend but when I found out about this phone I immediately cancelled my order and bought the 8X instead and ended up saving more than $100. Thanks dude!

  4. Gustavo Facundo

    My men im planning on buying one of this and I'd like to know if you had any problems by getting signal in usa.it seem according to the webpage that can get 4g from a couple of att bands but I'd like to hear directly from a person if the phone it's ok.

  5. Ζ † N

    at first i got the 8x max based on someone's advice that it worked on cricket. it actually didn't work on anything i threw at it. so i got the 8x JSN-L23 next. day 3 and i'm basically just as happy as i was with the 8x max although a little less happy due to it being kinda small in comparison. but i will say it beats just about anything you can get that works on us networks for the price.

  6. Akshay Khanna

    Hey! Please help me with this phone. My h2o sim is not able to make calls after inserting in honor here in US. SMS and data services are working fine. Could u please help me with this one.

  7. ConnieLong furrball

    if i use thyre game store will i get adverts constantly tho? interfering with the phone because it will get on my nerves otherwise? my current phones app store i downloaded wallpapers was hell AWFUL couldnt get rid of spam etc

  8. BOB DH

    I have noticed you always shake your hand too much while holding the device and speak a lot but don't use the phone doesn't show the display and display quality. I would like to see YouTube to get the display depth and how videos do looks with the particular display as i watch lots of videos on Youtube so show us atleast two three videos so that we can judge the display compare to other phones. And it irritates a lot when you shake your hand too much

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