Honor 8X – A Budget Phone with iPhone XS Max Bezels!

Unboxing & mini review of the Huawei Honor 8X. This is a budget smartphone that looks absolutely gorgeous! The screen is 6.5 inches but has the exact same screen to bezel ratio as the iPhone XS Max. The best part is it only costs around $200. Watch for the full unboxing!

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31 Replies to “Honor 8X – A Budget Phone with iPhone XS Max Bezels!”

  1. ronch550

    It's probably what I'd get if I were buying right now. I just don't understand all the sudden hate reviewers have towards micro USB. We've been living with it for years and years now and everyone's got a cable, which means you could always snag someone else's if you drop yours in a pond. I have an S9+ and I love USB-C but plugging in a micro USB cable doesn't make me sweat.

  2. FrozenVoid

    This guy has the most hate for a phone that doesn't cost much and its honestly annoying, sorry but he said about 80% hate and 20% "not so bad" if you understand that

  3. Adam D

    What's the actual difference between USB type c and micro USB though? Is it literally just that type c can be put in either way? If so then who gives a fuck?

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