Honor 8X and 8X Max: EPIC Budget Phones under $300!

Team Pandaily went to Honor’s latest product launch in Xi’an this Wednesday to bring you the latest video on the newly released Huawei Honor 8X and 8X Max!

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  1. Joanna Rivas

    If ya’ll wanna get yourself one of these, you can get them from this app called AliExpress. Look for the J&K Team seller. I got myself one of these and got rid of my iPhone 8 Plus. And I don’t regret it!!

  2. Tunsu Alexandru

    Hi, Carol! (I looked for your name on Google :P) I have a dilemma.. I'm stuck with a couple of phones that are pretty good, but don't know which to buy 🙁 I'll exclude Poco. I'm a gamer, but I only play MK, Clash Royale and some other games which I think they will run perfectly on almost all of the phones (I think) from my list. I do look, however, for a phone that takes good pictures, not so much into selfies, mostly front camera photos; I'm not actually a big fan of in-ear/headphones jack, as I have wireless ones, but if it has a jack, that's also ok, although I'm looking for a good speaker grill. I think that if it has 1 speaker grill, it's not such a powerful sound, depending on the speaker, of course, but from what I've seen, 2 are better than 1, that's why I'm not a big fan of the 3.5mm jack. Last, but not least, I don't want a phone that's heating fast or battery drains in less than a day.. I only want it for normal use and a couple of entries in CR and/or MK. At the moment, I'm having those issues with mi Mi Max and it's quite annoying, so anyway.. sorry for the long comment! These are the phones I can't decide on:

    Huawei Honor 10
    II Honor 8X
    II Honor 8X Max
    II Nova 3i
    Realme 2 Pro
    Elephone S8 (surprising, I know, but the screen and cameras are pretty good from what I've heard)
    Mi Max/Mix 2 (which one would be better overall)

    Or maybe you can suggest one that has good speakers, ideally 5.9/6+ inches and good back cameras? I doubt that you will see this comment, but if you do see it or if it gets a lot of likes.. your opinion would be priceless!

    Thank you, Carol and salutations from Romania!

  3. John Nash

    She speaks way better than those from honor mobile division. The downside of these phones are micro usb and/ or doesn't support "real" fast charging..

  4. Clarissa Madaliene

    Wow how energetic you're…. That's so cool…. I love this video…. By the bye, Huawei, Xiaomi and Asus smartphone companies are real competitors and they are equally succeeding in India…. I love these three smartphone companies as they are capable of manufacturing unique phones under 300$….I feel like an era will soon come where smartphone companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Asus, Oppo and Vivo will compete Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and even Google phones…. These smartphone companies will soon make the Android Eco system more innovative than these so-called flagship phones…. No offence…. I just hope this will happen….. Click the like button if you all dream like me or if you guys need this to happen…. ???✌?

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