Honor 8x – BETTER than iPhone XS!

My review of the Honor 8X compares this budget smartphone with Apple’s super-expensive iPhone XS, showing that a premium price doesn’t guarantee better tech. In fact, the sub-£250 Honor 8X is superior to the £1000+ iPhone XS in many ways, while boasting impressive specs, camera tech, battery life and features for a budget cost.

With Huawei’s EMUI 8.2 on board, the Honor offers more convenient facial recognition, improved one-handed operation and some seriously impressive night camera smarts. The Honor 8X smartphone also delivers expandable storage, sleek design and decent performance – all for a much lower price than the iPhone XS.

You can check out my full camera review, unboxing and other bits with the Honor 8X over on Recombu, and watch my comparison with the Play right here on Tech Spurt. Let me know what you think of this best budget Honor phone in the comments below, and subscribe for more hands-on action with the latest UK tech!

42 Replies to “Honor 8x – BETTER than iPhone XS!”

  1. Rakesh Rajkumar meitei

    yeah agree iphone have little better in camera and body build, but not that huge difference. But huge difference is the price It's worth to buy 8x instead iphone, iphone is good but they are over price its nameshake.

  2. Remmark Sunga

    Apple is overpriced trash, no one needs that much ram and most people just use it for social media and casual gaming, please I know its trendy to go with Apple but it doesn't mean its a smart fiscal decision

  3. Fedya Semenov

    Happy and Proud to be an Honor 8x owner. Sad that it will get harder to obtain new Honor models in the feature because of the scam allegations US government is pushing against Huawei.

  4. Robert Daugherty

    Just got my H8X in red and a Moto X4 in Sterling blue as a back up phone for $360 shipped total for both… Never buying a new phone for more than $220 ever again. I've had the H8X for two days and already got compliments like "Oh hot damn, that's a sexy phone" while browsing books at Barnes n noble.

  5. ronch550

    I'm amazed at how Apple still feels no shame for the way they overprice their stuff. Honor 8X, hands down, even if I have all the moolah in the world.

  6. Shirosa Salamats

    Hum…. Do you realise what are you say ? This is ridiculous….i don't understand why YouTubers want deseperally New suscribers and tell bullshit everywhere for that. Stay objective and dont speak for money…

  7. Gael Murdo

    The flagship Huawei is about £700. I saw an 'as new' Mate pro 20 for £630 on ebay. Not cheap, but apparently waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than anything apple has on offer. That's why the USA told Trudeau to arrest the CEO of the company and they've now banned Huawei from their networks in America. The USA is a Mafia state. Can't take fair competition.

  8. galaxytron 99

    "all (famous) phone brands chat with each other"
    samsung=we made phones with the best camera quality
    oppo=we made the first all screen phone
    vivo=we made the second all screen phone
    huawei=i'll catch up with you guys…but let me try making it all cheap…
    then there goes apple…
    apple=lemme me the same shit over and over again and make only a hanful of improvements and make people pay their kidneys for it
    samsung&vivo&oppo&huawei=WTF BRO?!?!

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