Honor 8X Max After 2 Months – One of the Best BIG Android Phones

Honor 8X Max Review After 2 Months – One of the Best BIG Android Phones
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21 Replies to “Honor 8X Max After 2 Months – One of the Best BIG Android Phones”

  1. IKH TV

    Vid about a big phone… Lol my phone is already hella big with display size of 6.3….honor play amazing phone btw with flagship performance

  2. James Mitchel Salazar

    Good day to you sir, very good review as usual sir. Which is more better for the comparison? Honor 8x Max? Or Xiaomi Mi Max 3? Thank you sir. Consideration of: Gaming, Multi Media, Speaker Quality and Battery.

  3. Ahamed Ameen

    After few months of search for upgrading my Galaxy Mega 6.3.I got Honor 8X Max finally. Amazing experience in using this phone. Completely satisfied. Snapdragon 660. 128GB. 4GB.

  4. juleswnfld

    Hi, do you know the EU SAR values of this phone, can't find it anywhere. (Weird, the official page for SAR info on huawei website is stuck on Nexus 6P info.)


    Ok so here a review after two weeks of usage
    The diaplay of the phone is beautiful the screen is huge and just phenomenal.
    The batter is amazing some days I only charge my phone once and not even to 100%
    However is the camera is awful I previously used the Sony xa ultra that was released in 2016 and that camera beats this one on all levels
    Photos are grainy and not saturated so if you're into photography this won't be the phone for you.
    Even with HDI and AI photos are not good at all i rate the camera a 4/10

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