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  1. Rober Mrc

    Yo compre este tel├ęfono 6gb room y global firmware para Espa├▒a y no coge bien la cobertura y en las llamadas o no me escuchan o se escucha muy mal. Tener esto en cuenta los que lo compr├ęis ya que solo opera en 1 banda 4g y los que hac├ęis la review de este m├│vil ninguno dec├şs nada y es muy importante esto

  2. Rene Otero

    I recently ordered and received 6g 64G ROM SD660 version, much better with SD660 and I use it on Cricket Wireless. A successor to 8x Max should expand LTE compatibility for U. S., upgrade screen to OLED, improve camera with stabilization, have micro USB type C, along with upgraded chipset (e. g., SD845) for modest bump up in price. It is a great phone for the pricepoint regardless.


    Just got mine yesterday and I love it with 2 problems. I already owned a
    Honor Note 8 which is 6.6 inches and it was a WONDERFUL phone. I only
    replaced it because I cracked the screen but it functionally worked
    fine. This phone is 7.2 inches and it is actually the same size as the
    6.6 is and I wanted an OBVIOUS bigger phone. NOW, the screen is
    probably 7.2 because the bezels are smaller but it is too SKINNY to be a
    7inch phone. Its too long for the width. These phones are NOT
    phablets, they are tall phones. A TRUE phablet is the Huawei MediaPad
    X1 & 2 which both are 7inches but they are TRUE TABLETS with phone
    capabilities. I used to own one but it didnt work on Tmobile and it
    hurt me to have to send it back. I would still be using it today if I
    were on att back then. 8x max has a clear screen, I AM getting 4g in
    Southern United States on att. I was only getting 3g with my Note 8 but
    I dont see the big deal with all of this. When I click youtube,
    youtube comes up and it doesnt buffer. I got this phone for $220.00
    from Giztop and it came in 2 wks. It had Playstore on it but I did a
    factory reset and reinstalled it myself. I dont trust a phone that has
    been tampered with by a seller, aint no tellin what else they put on it.

    All in all, this phone is just like all others. My husband has the Note
    9 and I dont see the difference in the two. I dont see a need to buy a
    new phone every year like most. It's a damned phone. I just surf the
    web and watch my videos and youtube. I dont know what else MOST are
    looking for. Do we REALLY use all of the stuff that these phones claim
    to do? MOST DONT. Buy this phone and I will NEVER buy another phone
    over $300.00. I will always use Huawei phones until the US stops them
    from being shipped over here because it WILL happen soon because these
    phones are catching on and they already are starting with Huawei by
    lying CLAIMING that they are spying on us. Hell, ALL phones are made in
    China. ALL. These second problem is, you CANT change the launcher
    after the system update. I HATE that and if I KNEW THAT, I wouldnt have
    bought this phone. But since I have to wait to get another phone over a
    mth, I will just have to live with it but on a scale from 1 to 10, I
    give this a 9.5.

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