Honor 8X MAX Unboxing and Size Comparison

Unboxing the new 7” Monster – Honor 8X MAX also known as Huawei Enjoy Max is some countries. Interestingly for a Honor phone it runs the Snapdragon 636 and its priced at £200 as a direct competitor the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 which I already unboxed and reviewed.


Honor 8X Max vs Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Speed Test:

How to Install Play Store –

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47 Replies to “Honor 8X MAX Unboxing and Size Comparison”


    I have important honor 8x max from China and I am facing problem in using jio SIM in this mobile for placing calls I have to use jio voice for doin so. Also the sim toolkit is showing message "Not supported". Is there any way to resolve this problem?

  2. __gaijin_

    I loved that size comparison. Good way to go. I saw your Honor Note 10 so if you will broadcast a comparison 8X Max vs Note 10 I really appreciate it. Thank you sir!

  3. Denish Lego

    I like the way u said fast and simple man.i have also seen in other review also about that bleeding light near the display..overall awesome phone

  4. Dave Marc

    I’m a current iPhone user. Always have been since the iPhone 4. Upgrade every other year and even I have to admit these Chinese companies are killing it.

  5. Human Rights Watch

    Thank you very much for the review…… could you please show us how to install Google play services on the phone?….and from the developer option menu is there an option for smallest width/minimum width….. thank you very much

  6. lazarus479

    Nice quick overview! Looking forward to the comparison between the 8x Max & the Mi Max 3, too bad you had issues with the Note 10 because that was the phone I was most interested in because of the Amoled screen, dual speakers, large battery & gaming performance. I hope you let use know how these 2 phones compare to the Note 10. Thx & cheers!

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