Honor 8X Max VS Huawei P20 Pro smartphone comparison

Honor 8X Max VS Huawei P20 Pro smartphone comparison . is a video where we will be comparing between honor 8x max smartphone and Huawei P20 Pro., and we will be showing the main differences of the two smartphones. this video will focus on the main characteristics and the new features of both mobile phones by that i.e. we are going to include smartphone camera comparison and battery life comparison and the most important the speed and cup comparison but not only that, we are going to divide the comparison into separate categories like: PHONE BODY where we will tackle the phone size, weight and body…etc and we will not forget the display features like the screen type, size and resolution…etc
The launch date: will mention the date of the official release and the version of the operating system it will mention the type of the system if it is android or IOS or any of the other OS, while connectivity will focus on the types of communication like: 3G,4G, and Wi-Fi… and most importantly the type of the battery and its life and the talk time and standby time of it if there is any information about it … at the end we will finish the video by mentioning the extra features of both smartphones: the features are the type of the usb and if there is FM and specially the type of the SD card and its max size .and much and much more in the video like the: ram, rom, CPU, GPU, smartphone size comparison and the smartphone display comparison and we can’t forget the smartphone camera comparison and of course the glass type of each smartphone etc.
So, you can say that it is something between a comparison and a review at the same time ‘’a review based on a comparison feature’’
Our videos are the best smartphone comparison videos on the whole YouTube platform and it will compare almost all the brands of smartphones from Samsung to Apple and from Nokia to Lenovo and of course the most famous Chinese smartphones on the market and many other brands in order to make the top smartphone comparison
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