Honor 8X Max vs Mi Max 3 – 24 Hour Review & Comparison!

Here is my 24 Review of the Honor 8X Max! This is also my comparison versus the Mi Max 3! Which one of these BIG budget phones will come out on top! Thanks for watching!

Time codes coming soon!
1:42 – 24 Hour Quick Review
3:02 – Design Comparison
6:16 – Quick tour of the 8X Max box
7:20 – Display comparison
10:57 – Video playback comparison
11:34 – DRM info comparison
12:35 – Performance comparison
14:35 – Audio/Speaker comparison
18:44 – Initial camera comparison
21:44 – Final thoughts – Overall 24 verdict and winner

23 Replies to “Honor 8X Max vs Mi Max 3 – 24 Hour Review & Comparison!”

  1. crystal lattimore

    Ok 8xmax I need to ask questions what companies can you go with and what I mean by companies T-Mobile AT&T or what what's going to give you the four G and the second what I want to ask you how to get so much Chinese stuff off of there over the phone or what some of it had to stay there can you please get back to me

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